Venice Beach’s Dave Bourlet Joins Digital Muscle

In a move to expand its content strategy, Digital Muscle Media has added Venice Beach based bodybuilding insider Dave Bourlet to its team of content providers.  In his new role, Bourlet will serve as a Senior Producer and on-air host for a variety of video series to be featured on the platform and its syndication partners, including the Apple News service and other strategically aligned outlets.

Dave Bourlet Joins Digital Muscle

Bourlet has been well connected in the bodybuilding industry for nearly two decades, having worked closely with established media outlets like Flex Magazine, while most recently working with Canadian based Muscle Insider.  While enjoying some success on the bodybuilding stage, Bourlet is also regarded as Venice Beach’s hardest working reporter.  A former owner of the Venice Beach Max Muscle Store, Bourlet has earned the trust of the top celebrities in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

Digital Muscle Publisher Dan Solomon explains, “When it comes to pure passion and energy, Dave Bourlet is in a league of his own. He spends nearly every day surrounded by the biggest names in the fitness industry, enabling him to bring some of the most coveted interviews to Digital Muscle. This is great news for our sponsors and our visitors.”

Since launching in December 2015, Digital Muscle Media has produced and hosted major event webcasts, including the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, while also building one of the category’s most diverse assortments of content, ranging from training, nutrition and supplementation all the way to fit recipes and research spotlights.

Known in bodybuilding circles as MadMax6, Bourlet adds, “I’ve been truly blessed to work with some of the top people in bodybuilding media.  I’m grateful for my most recent role at Muscle Insider and I’m proud to enjoy the freedom to continue that relationship.  I’ve known Dan Solomon a long time and I’m beyond excited that the stars finally aligned and we can work together to build something amazing at Digital Muscle. I really think people are gonna love what we have planned.”

Bourlet’s popular Muscle Beach TV Series will accompany him to For more information, including sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected]

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