Ruthless is in the House

Welcome to my new home here at Digital Muscle! Many readers know me as “Ruthless Ruth Silverman,” the longtime correspondent for Iron Man magazine and for my gossip-and-personalities column, Pump & Circumstance. I’m also known as a bodybuilding editor, having worked with experts on every facet of training, nutrition and the science of muscle growth.

I’ve been reporting on the bodybuilding scene since there were only two divisions—men’s and women’s bodybuilding—and have had a front-row seat for the phenomenal expansion and growth the sport has experienced. Pick a size, any size, and there’s a competition for you. I’ve interviewed almost every female Olympia winner from Rachel McLish to Ashley Kaltwasser, not to mention a few of the men and tons of amateur champs, and I’ve had a hell of a time doing it. I’ve been known to express an opinion or two, and I’m thrilled to be able to keep on keepin’ on at Digital Muscle, which is a great site, loaded with top content and poised to grow faster than the new classic bodybuilding division. As the managing editor, I want to make sure that we’ve got plenty of female voices in the mix.

A few years ago, on a crisp winter walk from the hotel to the Arnold prejudging in Columbus, Ohio, with my friend Pam Betz, I coined a phrase: “the good women of bodybuilding.” It’s a description that certainly fits the NPC promoter and contest organizer, but over the years I have known so many good women of bodybuilding—smart, knowledgeable, athletes, trainers and coaches, nutritionists, suit makers and supplement company owners, as well as promoters and officials. So, basically, I’m looking for a few good women who have something to say and want keep me company at this dope media hub we’re building.

That Digital Muscle is associated with the Arnold Classic Webcast sealed the deal for me. The huge Columbus weekend holds a special place in my heart, and I know how many folks will come for the Webcast and stay for the blogosphere. As an editor, I’m impressed with the lineup Dan Solomon has already brought on—John Hansen, Skip La Cour and Roger Lockridge, with whom I worked at Iron Man, plus Matt Samansky, Scott Iardella, Doug Kalman, Chad Nicholls and Tad “The Diet Coach” Inoue, to name a few—people with knowledge and good writing skills, a.k.a. heaven.

That said, we’ve got to up the estrogen content. IFBB pro Chaundra Tangi is certainly one of the good women of bodybuilding, but she and I can’t do it alone.

We can create a nice place for you to showcase your articles about training, diet, personalities or anything you’d like to share with the industry or fans. We can also promote your social media, your sponsors and the like. Write to me if you’re interested, [email protected], or message me on Facebook,

Let’s not let the guys get all the good views!

Editor’s Note: Look for Ruth as one of the commentators on Digital Muscle’s Arnold Classic Webcast on March 4th and 5th.