6 Ways to Kick Off the Day Right

By Gina Aliotti

The way you wake up shapes your entire day. Those initial thoughts and actions set the tone for the remaining hours. Each day is a new day to start fresh and take action. You go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning to a new set of opportunities and choices. The minute you wake up, you can choose to feel defeated and bummed or to take on the day with full energy and intention. It is nobody’s choice but your own.

You control your thoughts. There is so much in life you cannot control, but the one thing you can is your thoughts and how you face each day. Here are some tips for keeping it positive.

1) Start each day with a positive thought. Choose a positive quote, intention or mantra—something to focus on throughout the day. Take a few breaths and find something that you’re grateful for. Then take a few minutes to be thankful for all that you have in your life instead of wasting your energy thinking about what you don’t have.

2) Instead of pouncing straight out of bed, spend a few minutes meditating. It may be the perfect time for that two-minute meditation, but try this anyway. Simply take note of your breath. A few deep breaths can make all the difference. Breathe in for a count of four or five; then breathe out, also for a count of four or five, allowing everything to melt away. If you find yourself waking up slightly “off,” this can really help to reset things and create a good head space before you start your day.

3) Before breakfast, have a large glass of water with the juice from half a lemon squeezed into it. This will set the tone for your digestion and aid in cleansing and alkalizing your system. A few sips can help get things moving.

4) Exercise. Any form of movement will kick-start your metabolism and your mind-set. Even if you can’t do a.m. cardio or your full workout, do what you can to get your blood flowing and release those endorphins. If you have the ability to do your cardio or workout first thing, it will be the best way to start your day. Movement is magic! Try this G-Fit full body circuit to kick off your day right, shown in the accompanying photos. It includes the following exercises:

Biceps curls – Thrusters – Bench dips – Stationary lunges – Pushups – Lateral raises

You’ll find complete instructions at my Website, https://ginaaliotti.com/ginas-spring-full-body-circuit-workout/.

5) Mindful sating. When you’re eating your first meal, take some time be 100 percent present. It feels good, and it’s an amazing way to set your energy and intention toward your day. Be sure you limit sugar throughout the day to keep your energy steady and blood sugar stable. Devotion Flex Flavors are a great way to add flavor with zero sugar, making mindful eating so easy! 

6) Leave home with intention. As you walk out the door, heading to your day’s adventures, you can choose to make it a productive day—or not. Whatever you want your day to look like, create that picture and go with it! Remember, it is up to you to create the way you want your day to flow. Of course, things can come up that are unexpected, but I’m talking about the control you take over the choices you have. People don’t understand the power of their thoughts, but it is real, and they are SO powerful!

How do you start your day? However you choose to start it will shape the next 23 hours and carry over into tomorrow. Remember, you choose your thoughts; you choose your behavior; you choose the outcome. And every choice you make determines how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. So choose wisely—and make every day the best, most productive, mindful, positive day ever!

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