Beauty Series Part 3: Eyebrows are Trending!

By Nancy Noreman

Eyebrows on fleek?

Overnight, eyebrows became the most important detail on your face. For years, eyebrows were overlooked, unless they were noticeably off, but now they have become the major focus, and for some people, a work of art. Ladies and gentlemen, read on. Yes, I said gentlemen. Men are not excluded from Eyebrow Management 101.

Dramatic makeup and eyebrows date back to Cleopatra (ask LP) and have made notable appearances in modern times. In 1980, Brook Shields appeared in Calvin Klein ads and got people talking about her very big eyebrows. Now they are the trend of the decade. (I don’t like to admit it, but Kim Kardashian may be responsible for the current fashion for eyebrows. Love her or hate her, she gets the ball rolling with marketing.)

I often find myself looking at people’s eyebrows, noticing who has them exactly on point but feeling unsure about how I can follow the trend. When I try to do them myself with a brow pencil, I’m not confident I can do it right. Fortunately, I know an expert; so once again, I turned to Sharon Grasso of to get the scoop.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

I asked with Sharon about eyebrow shapes. How do I know what is the right shape for me? There are anatomical face marks, landmarks for eyebrows, she said. You use the corner of the nose and go straight up to start. You follow the bone over your eye, but where do you stop? See the accompanying chart of ideal eyebrows for different face shapes.

Using Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Permanent makeup is any type of tattoo or permanent marking done to the skin.  Today, 3D Fusion and microblading are available. 3D Fusion uses a digital machine, while microblading is a bit more traumatic, done with a small blade. While many choose these procedures for enhancement, many others have them after illnesses, where they have lost their hair or need areola tattoos done after reconstructive breast surgery or other corrective procedures. It is absolutely fascinating how much the permanent makeup industry has helped so many people feel whole again after surviving accidents, illnesses and other life tragedies.

So many of Sharon’s clients come in with a photo of the eyebrows they want to have put on their face permanently, and the shape or color is not right for them, Sharon says. It’s a problem because she often has to turn the client away. Most of the time, she and the client figure out a look that works, and she sends the client home to use an eyebrow pencil and try the shape for two weeks to make sure he or she likes it before it becomes permanent.

This is such an important tip for anyone looking to do permanent cosmetics. If you are willing to put something on your body permanently, it makes complete sense to see if you can live with it for two weeks before by drawing it on. Knowing human nature—and having worked with so many people—I understand that many do not like to put in the effort. For example, many people do not take the time to try paint samples prior to. This is your face! OMG, do not get lazy!

You also have to consider that you will be aging. You must be willing to update your look as you get older, especially if you are going to allow your hair to come in gray, because your eyebrows will naturally change color as well.  It is extremely important to use an expert who understands the aging process and knows how to update your look through the years.

Sharon’s considerable experience is an invaluable tool. I appreciated that she could give me some time out of her insane schedule, as she is in the throws of collaborating with Joel Warren in Saks Fifth Avenue to roll out multiple locations of her company/studio in the next few years.

Eyebrow Stylings for Men

Gentlemen, do not be too shy to consult a professional to shape your eyebrows, but, if you are feeling confident that you can do it yourself, go for it. You will need good tools—a trimmer and/or tweezers. Here are some guidelines:

  • The first rule for men is minimal trimming. That will enable you to stay natural and not be overwhelming. Your eyebrows should be trimmed every three weeks.
  • If there is hair in the center—the dreaded “unibrow”—it needs to be removed with tweezers. You can leave in the very fine, hard-to-see hairs. Just pull out the noticeable ones. Eyebrow shaping is different for men and women. You want to keep it masculine looking.
  • Do not go overboard with shaping. Remove only the hair that is extremely out of place.

You can always go to a professional for waxing, threading or even permanent makeup if you are a candidate.

Consulting a Permanent Cosmetics Professional

Here are some good questions to ask if you’re looking to get your eyebrows done:

  • How long have you been doing this?
  • May I see some photos of your work?
  • What are your certifications or credentials?
  • How would you update someone into a more gray-colored eyebrow as she ages?


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