Fitness Innovation: Astro-Durance Bungee Training

By Dan Solomon

The fitness industry continues to evolve thanks mostly to advancements in training, nutrition and science, but make no mistake about it, at the center of this constant state of evolution are the innovators, the men and women with the courage and the capacity to see what’s truly possible.  During my 20 years in the world of fitness and human performance, I’ve had the privilege of knowing many of the true game-changers.  While no two are the same, they each share one common trait; they’re willing to blaze their own trail, even when everyone tells them they’re crazy.

I’d like to introduce you to Patty Cummings, the inventor of a style of training that’s opening doors to results few thought possible.  At first glance, you’ll scratch your head.  As you dig deeper you’ll quickly understand why industry insiders are paying close attention to bungee training, an innovation in training that’s impacting all corners of the fitness, medical and physical therapy communities.  I recently caught up with Patty for a Q&A,

Q. The Astro-Durance bungee training system is getting a lot of attention. How did you come up with the idea?

Patty:  I needed a way to help my clients with physical limitations to work out without me manually supporting them. I saw they used bungee for Cirque De Soleil and dance for decades, why not for training? We are the manufacturer of Astro-Durance.

Q. Why do you recommend it over more conventional TRX style training?

Patty: Because it revs the cardio in seconds and burns fat fast – something unheard of in the fitness industry. A 30-minute workout will get the blood and lymph rushing from head to toe oxygenating the entire body, building the immune system and moving toxins out – all while giving the person the buoyancy to move with no pressure on the joints. TRX doesn’t do that.

Q, What type of person benefits most from bungee training?

Patty: Everyone. If you want to feel alive and see fast results – it’s for you.

Q. We are starting to see bungee facilities pop up around the world. How fast is Astro-Durance gaining momentum?

Patty: Consistently – each day we receive calls about the product and our workshops. Because we offer certification classes, and in-depth training on how to open a bungee business and work with physical limitations, we have quickly become the leader in bungee fitness. We are the manufacturer here in the U.S.

Q. What are some of the most unexpected benefits of this kind of training?

Patty: We are helping clients with many challenges that they are defeating. Cerebral Palsy sufferers are gaining muscle stretch to move and walk flat footed again; everyone’s losing weight, our client’s weight loss is astronomical. People with dementia and strokes are remembering, speaking more clearly and gaining muscle strength back in the body. I love the muscular boot camp clients who are blown away at how this “Astro-bungee” whips their butt revving their cardio in seconds! Each day is something new. Results are instant!

Q: Briefly tell us about the various ways Astro-Durance has grown since you launched the company?

Patty: As soon as we launched it was amazing how many people wanted to open a bungee business in their home town and in their medical facilities. Or add to their gym. This led to building an online certification program which led to developing in-house business training programs and certification workshops. This has been our special niche that attracts the right professionals and customers to our brand. It’s not your typical bungee and it’s proven in our consistent sales growth and ongoing need for Master Trainers throughout the nation and the world.

Q. How can someone go about opening their own bungee facility?

Patty: Call us and we will walk you through it. I teach WORKSHOPS ON HOW TO START YOUR BUNGEE BUSINESS and have a business guide that breaks down the process of opening a business from start to finish.

Q. What’s your vision and prediction for the future of bungee training?

Patty: I see Astro-Durance bungee as a need not a want and it will become a staple for overall health. In the future they will find all the miracles the body can do on its own when it moves with buoyancy, anti-gravity and electromagnetic forces. I predict the brain – body – circulatory system connection will give us huge breakthroughs for those with autoimmune disorders and become a “must have” for preventative health measures.