Just 2 Years Old….and All Grown Up

By Dan Solomon

The sports nutrition industry is loaded with stories of remarkable success.  I’ve personally witnessed men and women turn ideas into major companies, eventually selling them for enough to create generational wealth, while teaching us the kind of lessons that could inspire an entire business school curriculum.  Each success story is unique, no two are the same.

After developing some entrepreneurial muscle molding a few supplement companies over the years, my friend Aaron Singerman created RedCon1, a line of sports nutrition products that have given new meaning to the term overnight success.  To most of us, it feels like RedCon has been around awhile.  We’ve watched the company grow from a few initial products all the way to an expansive line of supplements and apparel, penetrating nearly all corners of the global fitness community.

At some point I’ll write a more complete story of RedCon1’s meteoric rise, but for now I’m writing simply to point out that this company hasn’t even been around for two years. – Think about that for a moment. In less than 24 months, RedCon1 has generated more revenue than many brands will generate in a decade.  The company has skyrocketed, solidifying itself as the “cool kids on the block” in an industry that often lacks originality or real customer interaction.

RedCon1 CEO Aaron Singerman

“It’s been an incredibly surreal 2 years.” Explains Singerman. “When I started Redcon1 I was confident that it would work and do well, but I’d never have imagined we’d be where we are.”

Singerman isn’t alone in his assessment.  Leaders from supplement companies across the category continue to marvel over the way the community has embraced the military-themed brand.  As part of his unique approach to reaching customers, Singerman has placed himself at the center of his company’s multi-million dollar marketing strategy. “I’m a big believer in personalizing businesses. I believe people buy from people they like and feel close to. The days of buying from corporate faceless giants are long gone.”

In addition to their innovative products and creative marketing, Singerman has also made office culture and team chemistry a high priority, hosting regular events aimed at bringing his nearly 60 employees together while recognizing team and individual achievement. Check out the monthly RedCon1 Employee Spotlights published here at DigitalMuscle.com.

In September, the company will celebrate just its 2nd year anniversary.  Please join me in congratulating everyone at RedCon1 on their lightning fast climb in one of the most competitive industries in the world.  As for me, I can’t wait to see where they are when they turn 3.

The expression “crawl before you walk” clearly isn’t something you’ll ever hear in the offices of RedCon1.

Some of the the Execs at RedCon1 Headquarters