A Gun Show…For Girls!

By Nicole Cress

“Welcome to the gun show!” – Yeah, we’ve all heard that expression.

Summertime is here, and that means tank-top season – time to show off those shapely arms you’ve worked so hard for!

I have to say that I am proud of my baby biceps! How did I get them? For one thing, whenever I train them, I work to engage the muscle fully and get the most activation. Here are some of my training tips that you can incorporate into your program, plus a killer biceps tri-set that will help you get a little gun show going of your own.

  • Don’t swing the weights! Lower the poundage if you have to, but avoid using momentum to move the weight.
  • Keep your shoulders down and back—something I have to remind myself constantly.
  • Don’t lift your elbows—it brings your rear delts into the movement.
  • Keep your wrists in line with your forearms as you bring them from the stretch position to the contraction.
  • Change up your tempos! Try lowering the weight with a three-to-four-second negative—an advanced move, so don’t be afraid to lighten the poundage.   Aim for constant tension.

Gun Show Biceps Tri-set

Do all three exercises back to back. Rest one minute, and then repeat for three rounds.

Alternate cross-body curls, 3 x 8

Hold a 2-second contraction at the top.

Incline dumbbell curls, 3 x 10

Include a 3-second negative.

 Dumbbell spider curls, 3 x 12

Hold a hard flex at the top.

 Nicole Biceps Pic

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Nicole Cress is a health and wellness coach and the co-owner (with her husband, Allen Cress) of Maximum Performance Training, where she helps others reach their fitness goals through online coaching. She holds a degree in exercise science from Transylvania University and advocates living a balanced lifestyle, guiding her clients to focus on being whole and well in mind, body and spirit. A national-level bikini competitor who has been competing since 2010, Nicole is also a Team BeautyFit-sponsored athlete with a mission to help women feel beautiful inside and out.