Fit Recipe: Healthy Chicken Parm!

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Stefanie Antorcha

Hey Ya’ll! If you can’t tell, I have a TOTAL sweet tooth; I love sharing all my healthy recipes and treats with you guys so those that are like me, and NEED your sweet fixes, can satisfy cravings and still maintain a healthy body. However, sometimes, we all want that hearty, homestyle, delicious meal.  In today’s kitchen we will be making a healthy lower carb chicken parmesan! Not only does the whole family love this meal, I also make it for every dinner party and the guests are wowed.  You can even pair this lower carb chicken parmesan with the protein mac and cheese we made a couple weeks back! The possibilities are endless!!!

What you will need:

2 cups pulverized fiber one cereal (I blend it in the ninja you can also use a food processor

6 chicken breasts butterflied (you can also pound them super thin for faster cooking time)

¾ cup egg whites

Smoked paprika

Pink sea salt

1 cup Newman’s Own All Natural Marinara sauce

6 slices reduced fat or fat free cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Clean and butterfly chicken breasts so they are relatively thin; the thinner the chicken breast is the crispier the “breading” will get.  Sprinkle pulverized Fiber One cereal evenly covering large plate.

Celeb Fit Chef Stefanie Antorcha


OPTION 1: Pour egg whites in large wide mouthed bowl. Dip chicken breast in egg whites and then lay flat in fiber one crumbs. Press each side evenly to completely cover the breast.

OPTION 2: I actually cover the chicken breast without dipping them in egg white. I feel the crumbs stick just fine, but if you like them extra crispy with more breading dip in the egg white (see above).

Place chicken on baking sheet. Bake in oven for 25 min.  Remove from oven and add marinara sauce and cheese on top.  (My husband recommends to add the cheese then the marinara sauce so when you cut the chicken breast the sauce doesn’t all come out.) return to oven and bake for another 5 min.

You can pair the chicken parmesan with spaghetti squash for a low carb dinner, with whole wheat pasta, or with our protein mac and cheese for an extra muscle building meal. I hope ya’ll enjoy your meal and please come back to my kitchen for next week’s nutritious recipe!!!

Nutrition Facts:

30g Protein / 11g Carbs / 4g Fat

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