Fit Recipe: Ice Cream (Low Carb/High Protein)

From the Kitchen of
Stefanie Antorcha

Alrighty ya’ll, by now your kitchen should be on fire, not literally I hope, with some of the super healthy delicious goodies we’ve been creating every week. Today, I’m going to throw out to you some of my favorite zero and low carb recipes that are super simple and incredibly satisfying.

Protein Ice Cream

What you will need:

1 cup unsweetened cashew milk (you can also use almond milk but I find the cashew milk makes it a little thicker.

1 scoop beautyfit Vanilla beauty vegan protein powder (you can use any protein powder you like but the consistency will change that is why I recommend the beauty vegan)

½ tsp xanthan gum

3 packets stevia

1 BamBody Protein brownie or blondie

Use a Nutritbullet or a blender and fill it half way full with ice. Cover ice with cashew milk. Add all ingredients EXCEPT the Bambody Brownie. Blend for one minute. Put Bambody brownie in sandwich bag and break up into tiny pieces. Scrape out protein ice cream into bowl. Sprinkle Bambody crumbles on top. You now have a low carb ice cream WITH toppings!!!!!! This is my nightly treat! You will ABSOLUTELY BE ADDICTED!

Nutrition Facts: Protein 25g / Carb 4g/ Fat 3g

The Zero Carb Pancake

What you will need:

1 cup egg whites

½ tsp baking powder

dash cinnamon

5 drops better stevia French vanilla

1 tsp vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients together. Preheat large skillet on medium heat.

PRO TIP: I use a large skillet to create a larger pancake because VOLUME ya’ll! If you visually see a large serving you will feel more full.)

Pour batter, it will be liquidy, on skillet. Cook approximately 2 min or until top begins to appear cooked. CAREFULLY flip. Cook approximately 1 min. Remove from skillet to plate.

OPTIONAL: top with Walden farms syrup and lily’s chocolate chips for only 4 more grams carbs!!!

Nutrition Facts: Protein 28g / 0 Carbs/ 1 gram Fat

Essentially, “dieting” doesn’t have to be hard; stay tuned every week and join me in my kitchen where we will always be serving up a delicious plate of healthy.   Don’t forget to let me know what recipes you’d like to see next!

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