Gut Health: Understanding the Migrating Motor Complex

By Lindsay Kent Your stomach begins to growl and you instinctively decide that you must be hungry.  It’s a common association we make in decoding our body’s hunger signals. In fact, a growling stomach does not signal that your body needs nutrients but, rather, that your migrating motor complex, or MMC, is busy at work. […]

Super Soup: How Bone Broth Can Improve Your Health and Vitality

By Lindsay Kent Bone broth has become a buzz phrase in nutritional circles, and many people wonder what all the hype is about. The grocery store aisles are filled with chicken, vegetable, and beef soups, broths and stocks.  What’s the difference between them and “bone broth,” and are the benefits of bone broth really better […]

Heart Rate Variability

By Lindsay Kent Heart rate (HR) is controlled by the two arms of the autonomic nervous system. Normal resting heart rate ranges from 60 to 80 beats, and those who exercise regularly have ranges much lower, from 35 to 50 beats per minute. When you begin to exercise, your body releases the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which […]

Overtraining: How to Recognize It and Overcome It

By Lindsay Kent Anyone who trains for a sport or works out intensely can become overtrained. Athletes in particular are susceptible due to their great motivation and the demands of coaches and trainers. How do you know when you are overtrained, and what can you—and your coach—do to keep it at bay? It starts with […]

The TEF Factor: Maximizing Metabolism & Energy

By Lindsay Kent The Beauty Blog Getting clients to make important shifts in their nutritional habits and understand the impact it will have on their goals is often a trainer’s biggest challenge. One key change that seems to terrify our clients, especially women, is the notion of eating more to lose weight. Somewhere along the […]

Understanding Periodization – The Training Blueprint

By Lindsay Kent The Beauty Blog While most people think of their workout plan in terms of how it will look daily or even weekly, many fail to consider the bigger picture, meaning how the program’s structure will affect their results over a longer period, such as several months or a year. Periodization is a […]

Hunger and Hormones: Mastering Your Body’s Cues

By Lindsay Kent The Beauty Blog While often it seems that the body’s hunger and satiety cues set off a totally emotional experience, rearing their uncooperative heads when you are trying to lose weight or gain lean muscle, we have learned in recent years that they are actually part of the body’s physiological processes. That […]

Understanding Inflammation – Part 1

By Lindsay Kent BeautyFit Blog Inflammation is a common term that encompasses both acute and chronic conditions in the body. Acute inflammation occurs when the body experiences an injury or illness and then produces the hormonal response to healing, removing the intruder. For example, when you accidentally cut your skin, your body immediately produces hormones […]

The Dangers of Exertional Rhabdomyolysis

By Lindsay Kent Master Trainer While it’s common practice for athletes and exercisers to push through pain and extreme exertion to achieve their goals, certain training protocols have taken it a step too far and are caught in a debate among doctors, physical therapists and trainers over their safety and effectiveness. Prominent in the discussion […]

Training: Understanding the Stretch-Shortening Cycle

By Lindsay Kent The BeautyBlog Looking for ways to improve your training is a necessary part of progressively overloading your body with various challenges and stimuli. The techniques usually involve primary components, such as varying the volume, load, complexity, time under tension, or exercise selection. Often, by taking it back to basics, we can focus […]

The 3 Bears: A Story of Muscle Fiber Activation

By Lindsay Kent BeautyFit Blog Having a plan in place is one of the most important weapons you can have in your training arsenal. Without one you end up with a cluttered mess of loads and principles, lacking a planned progression of exercises and repetition ranges built to suit your individual needs and goals. There […]

Calorie Burning 101: Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption

By Lindsay Kent The Beauty Blog This post was suggested by a comment I received during a personal-training session on why we incorporate different movements, use different pieces of equipment, and often change the sequence of the exercises and circuits during our workouts. I always tell my clients that our workouts are structured a certain […]

Understanding Inflammation: Nutritional Factors

By Lindsay Kent In Part 1 of this post, I described how inflammation is at the root of most diseases humans suffer from today. When the body is injured, the immune system jumps into action, sending white blood cells to the affected area to promote healing. That is called acute inflammation, and you will experience […]

Understanding Sugar Alcohols

By Lindsay Kent The Beauty Blog Planning meals, calculating macronutrients, and carefully reviewing food labels are part of the daily routine of most health-conscious people. To that end, you should be paying attention to sugar, especially if you are focused on carbohydrate control and losing weight. The three main macronutrients are protein, which is calculated […]