Lionel Brown Visits Muscle Beach TV

Veteran bodybuilder Lionel Brown has his sights set on a new chapter in his professional bodybuilding career.  On a new edition of’s Muscle Beach TV Series, Brown and his new trainer/coach Eric Broser provide an update on their game plan to conquer the Ferrigno Pro event later this year.  Hosted by Dave Bourlet and brought to you this week … Read More

Iron Diaries: Regan Grimes Blasts Arms at Gold’s Venice

With his professional debut only days away, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Regan Grimes and his Trainer Chris Lewis blast arms for’s Dave Bourlet at Gold’s Venice.  This episode of Iron Diaries is presented by House of Pain Apparel. Visit the Video Vault for More! The House Of Pain BlogThis new blog here at is presented by the world famous House of Pain Ironwear apparel brand. … Read More

Flex Wheeler Discusses Improbable Comeback on Muscle Beach TV

Legendary bodybuilding champion Flex Wheeler has not competed in 14 years.  His recent comeback announcement is the year’s biggest bodybuilding story, fueling plenty of debate, some concern, and a whole lot of excitement.  In this exclusive Muscle Beach TV interview on, Wheeler opens up on several topics, including his health, his motivations, and the chance to return to the Olympia stage.  Muscle Beach TV is … Read More

Talkin’ Training on PBW Radio!

On a new edition of Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio the focus shifts to training!  Hosts Dave Bourlet and Eric Broser are answering your questions on a variety of topics. Also this week, Neuromuscular Therapist Steve Murphey joins the discussion.  This week’s episode is brought to you by Ironmag Labs and by House of Pain Apparel. Use the player above to listen now or … Read More

Olympia Legend Samir Bannout (Part 2)

Part 2:  On this edition of the Training with the Legends Series on, Samir Bannout continues his discussion with Dave Bourlet at SixPax Gym in Culver City, California.  This time the focus shifts to training!  Part 2 of 3 – brought to you by House of Pain Ironwear! Visit the Video Vault for More! The House Of Pain BlogThis new … Read More

Iron Diaries: Upper Body Tune-Up at Gold’s Venice

With the biggest contest of his life only a few days away, Super-Heavyweight bodybuilder Douglas Fruchey visits with’s Dave Bourlet for a final tune-up at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach as he prepares for the NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships.  This episode of Iron Diaries is presented by House of Pain Apparel. Visit the Video Vault for More! The House Of … Read More

Iron Diaries: Shoulder Training at Gold’s Venice

As the NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships approach, Toto Djung & George Thibault train delts just 1 week before the event. The Iron Diaries series is a presentation of and brought to you by House of Pain Apparel.  Produced by Dave Bourlet at Golds Gym Venice Beach, California. Visit the Video Vault for More! The House Of Pain BlogThis … Read More

PBW Radio Heads to Vegas for NPC USA’s

As the 2017 NPC USA’s approaches, PBW radio hosts Dave Bourlet and Eric Broser take to the air for a look ahead to the big event and a visit with co-promoter Tamer El Guindy.  Bodybuilding talk radio is brought to you this week by Ironmag Labs and by House of Pain Apparel. Use the player above to listen now or access show with … Read More

Cutler on Kai: Jay Chimes In On Muscle Beach TV

In this second installment of the exclusive interview at his Las Vegas home, former Mr. Olympia bodybuilding champ Jay Cutler speaks openly about the controversial career choices of present day superstar Kai Greene. Muscle Beach TV is a presentation of Hosted by Dave Bourlet and brought to you this week by House of Pain Apparel and IronmagLabs. Have You Visited the Digital … Read More

Jay Cutler Talks Retirement & Comebacks on Muscle Beach TV

In a new episode of Muscle Beach TV at, 4-time Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Champ Jay Cutler invites us into his Las Vegas home for Part 1 of a 2 part series where he discusses retirement, the idea of a comeback, and other topics.  Hosted by Dave Bourlet. Visit the Digital Muscle Video Vault For More!   Dave BourletDave Bourlet has … Read More

Ask the Doc – July Episode – Q & A on Hormone Therapies (Video Series)

Dr. Rand McClain, one of the world’s renowned experts in Hormone Replacement Therapies, is back with a new episode of his popular “Ask the Doc” series – now on On this July 2017 edition of the show, Dr. Rand answers more questions, sharing years of experience in the field.  Released on July 14th, 2017. Hosted by Dave Bourlet. (Disclaimer: Always … Read More

Moderate Alcohol for Extreme Bodybuilding?

By Dr. Scott Stevenson, PhD House of Pain Blog Decades later, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “advices” about bodybuilding still inspire introspection (or at least an occasional quotation): Is milk just for babies and should real bodybuilders drink beer? Firstly, from a muscle building standpoint, it’s pretty clear that milk is not “just for babies,” as milk proteins are highly anabolic (4-6, 8, … Read More

PBW Radio Returns…Moves to Venice Beach! (Listen Now)

In a move to restore one of bodybuilding’s great traditions, Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio (PBW) resumes its production schedule, broadcasting from a new location, with new hosts and a new format.  Launched in 2005 by Dan Solomon, the program, presented by, has logged more than 500 hours of programming, spanning 13 seasons of bodybuilding industry coverage.  The program is the only media … Read More

Olympia Legend Samir Bannout (Part 1)

Only 13 men have won the Mr. Olympia title.  On this new edition of Training with the Legends on, Samir Bannout visits with Dave Bourlet at SixPax Gym in Culver City, California for a no holds barred discussion on the way things were…and what they’ve become. Part 1 of 3 – brought to you by House of Pain Ironwear! … Read More

Bikini Competitors: Do You Need a Custom Suit?

Ask the Bikini Coach By Gigi Amurao Hi Coach, Do I really have to get a custom-made suit to do a bikini competition? I can’t really afford one—I’m thinking I’ll get one off the rack, at least for my first show. Does it really matter? I get asked this question all the time, and to be honest, it really is … Read More

Sergio Oliva Jr on Muscle Beach TV (Part 2)

Part 2 His father was one of the most storied bodybuilders of all-time. In Part 2 of a special edition of Muscle Beach TV, IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Champion Sergio Oliva Jr continues his conversation with Dave Bourlet to discuss his remarkable journey in a sport that has defined his family name for nearly 70 years. Recorded outside the famous Gold’s … Read More

Iron Diaries: Back Training at Gold’s Venice! (Video)

On a new edition of Iron Diaries at, Dave Bourlet catches up with bodybuilder Toto Djong as he preps for the upcoming NPC USA’s and his training partner George Thibault at Gold’s Venice. Filmed on June 22nd, 2017 (Less than 6 weeks from contest day). Brought to you by House of Pain Ironwear! Also See: Olympia Champ Dexter Jackson … Read More

A Summer of L.A. Bodybuilding!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor I’ll never forget the first bodybuilding contest I ever attended. It was a local show—the Los Angeles Championships, I think—and it was put on at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, a town that borders L.A.’s Westside and Venice areas. I had just been hired as the editor of Flex magazine and, frankly, had … Read More

Sergio Oliva Jr on Muscle Beach TV

His father was one of the most storied bodybuilders of all-time. On a special edition of Muscle Beach TV, IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Champion Sergio Oliva Jr visits with Dave Bourlet to discuss his remarkable journey in a sport that has defined his family name for nearly 70 years.  Recorded outside the famous Gold’s Gym Venice Beach on June 19th, 2017 – … Read More

Dexter Jackson on Muscle Beach TV

The biggest names in the world of bodybuilding continue to make their way to  This time, the spotlight is on former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson, one of the most decorated bodybuilders of all time.  On this all new edition of Muscle Beach TV, the man known as “The Blade” sits down with Dave Bourlet for a revealing look at … Read More

Video Blog: Dan Solomon on Jay Cutler Founder and Publisher Dan Solomon extends a personal word of thanks to legendary bodybuilder Jay Cutler and provides updates on new additions here at the Digital Muscle Media Hub. For more info, contact Visit the New Digital Muscle Video Archive! Dan Solomon, FounderFor two decades, Dan Solomon has earned a reputation as a leader in the world of … Read More

Tom Platz Exclusive Interview (Video)

Tom Platz – Hardcore Bodybuilder Regarded in bodybuilding circles for his hardcore training style and jaw-dropping leg development, the legend of Tom Platz has inspired countless bodybuilders to push far beyond their limits. is proud to present Dave Bourlet’s exclusive interview with Platz, now 61 years old, during a recent seminar appearance at SixPax Gym in Culver City, California.  We hope … Read More

Tom Platz Exclusive Interview – Part 3 (Video)

Part 3 (Class is in session) – In this 3rd and final part of Training with the Legends with Tom Platz, the Golden Eagle takes his pupils thru a grueling set of leg extensions that will push them to their limits while explaining his unique training philosophy. is proud to present Dave Bourlet’s exclusive interview with Platz, now 61 years old, during a … Read More

Tom Platz Exclusive Interview – Part 2 (Video)

Tom Platz Interview Part 2 – The Squat Regarded in bodybuilding circles for his hardcore training style and jaw-dropping leg development, the legend of Tom Platz has inspired countless bodybuilders to push far beyond their limits. is proud to present Dave Bourlet’s exclusive interview with Platz, now 61 years old, during a recent seminar appearance at SixPax Gym in Culver City, … Read More

Ask the Doc – June Episode – Q & A on Hormone Therapies (Video Series)

Dr. Rand McClain, one of the world’s renowned experts in Hormone Replacement Therapies, is back with a new episode of his popular “Ask the Doc” series – now on  On this episode someone asks if fragment 171-191 can help burn more body fat, and a 30 year old man’s physician is reluctant to put him on TRT despite symptoms. Released on … Read More

Olympia Legend Dorian Yates on Muscle Beach TV

From 1992 to 1997 Dorian Yates was the king of the bodybuilding world.  Known for a ruthless combination of thickness, dense muscle and grainy, skin-splitting conditioning, the 6-time Mr. Olympia remains a living legend. During a rare visit to the world famous Gold’s Gym Venice Beach, the British superstar caught up with Dave Bourlet for a special edition of Muscle Brach TV (Video brought … Read More

Leg Training at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach!

The Training Series invites you to meet Venice Beach visitors Peter Lagermand and Anders Trust in town from from Denmark.  Recently victorious at the NPC West Coast Classic in Riverside, California, they were back at it training legs at Golds Gym Venice!  This video is sure to kick start your next leg workout.  See if you can keep up….at your own risk!!!  Video … Read More

Venice Beach’s Dave Bourlet Joins Digital Muscle

In a move to expand its content strategy, Digital Muscle Media has added Venice Beach based bodybuilding insider Dave Bourlet to its team of content providers.  In his new role, Bourlet will serve as a Senior Producer and on-air host for a variety of video series to be featured on the platform and its syndication partners, including the Apple … Read More

The “Topical” Topic: Reviewing MuscleGelz

By Louis Daniel Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to trying new supplements.  The marketing game has gotten so crazy that it’s sometimes hard to see beyond the bullsh*t.  So when a friend of mine suggested I try out a product by a new company called MuscleGelz I was on the skeptical side. The product is called AndroHard … Read More

Ask the Bikini Coach!

By Gigi Amurao Got a question for the Bikini Coach? If you’re new around here – My name’s Gigi Amurao, and I’m a veteran trainer and coach and an active IFBB bikini pro. If you’re not familiar with me, check out my other articles where I write about pretty much anything I want. As a fitness professional and mentor, … Read More

Arnold Classic: Cedric Wins in Columbus!

After settling for a runner-up spot a year ago, Cedric McMillan captured one of the bodybuilding world’s most coveted titles by winning the 2017 Arnold Classic.   Showcasing an impressive combination of size, symmetry and conditioning, McMillan pocketed a $130,000 winner’s check.  While most of the top ranked bodybuilders chose to forego the event, McMillan and 25 year old Dallas McCarver … Read More

Arnold Classic: Friday Night Results

It was an exciting Friday in Columbus as the fitness industry gathered for the annual Arnold Sports Festival, the multi-sport event that merges more than 70 different sports and 18,000 athletes, while welcoming more than 200,000 fans. At the center of the weekend is the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Championships and a host of other IFBB sanctioned events. Here are the … Read More

It Started with a Handshake: Arnold Classic History 101

By John Hansen Promoters Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer are gearing up once again for their Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio for the 29th year. Starting in the Spring of 1989, Schwarzenegger and Lorimer began promoting one of the premier bodybuilding events.  After years of promoting the Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe (World Bodybuilding Championships) and the Pro Mr. World … Read More

Bodybuilding Radio Returns for 13th Season!

It’s Back!!!  The show that started it all returns for its 13th season covering the world of bodybuilding.  Hosts Dan Solomon and Chad Nicholls kick things off on PBW Radio with commentary on the muscle scene in Kuwait along with a look at the curious decline in star power at the upcoming Arnold Classic, a lineup without a single member of the Olympia Top 6.  … Read More

Supplement Commentary: The Future of the Pre-Workout

By: Matt Weik We live in a world where people who use pre-workouts are focused only on one thing — stimulants.  That’s right, they want to feel jacked up.  They want to feel as if ants are crawling under their skin, that tingly sensation telling them their pre-workout product is working.  If they don’t feel it, it’s not working—right?  This … Read More

GABA: The Forgotten Amino Acid (New Research)

By:  Matt Weik GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) supplements have been around for quite some time. Their claim to fame has been to help with relaxation, improve sleep, improve your mood, as well as improve your focus. GABA is a naturally-occurring amino acid and inhibitory neurotransmitter found in our cells. A new study from Japan is actually showing the potential to now … Read More

A Movie with Muscle: Reviewing “100% Nasty”

By Matt Samansky What does it mean to be a professional bodybuilder in the U.K.? If you think it’s all about big money sponsorships, large mansions and a pimped out Jeep, you would be sorely mistaken. From acclaimed director James Grealish who brought “Under Construction” and “Prep: The Series” to our screens, comes “100% Nasty”, a hard hitting story chronicling … Read More

Industry Spotlight: Meet Heinz Senior

By Dan Solomon The fitness & bodybuilding community is comprised of a passionate and diverse group of men and women who have devoted their lives to staying fit, building muscle and living longer. Since my arrival in this industry I’ve always held a special appreciation for the cultural diversity within this unique sub-culture.  The language of fitness is spoken in … Read More

PBW Radio: Top 10 Bodybuilding Stories of 2016

A tradition continues with the annual announcement of the Top 10 bodybuilding stories of the year.  Hosts Dan Solomon and Chad Nicholls reveal the biggest stories of 2016 during this special edition of Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio. – Brought to you by Ironmag Labs, Wings of Strength and the Nutrition Store! Use the player below to listen to the … Read More

Guru School: My Day with Dave Palumbo

By Matt Samansky My initial attempts at breaking into the bodybuilding and fitness industry were met mostly with confusion from family and friends. “What was my goal?” they would ask. “Are you trying to become a professional bodybuilder?”  “How do you expect to become successful by lifting weights?”.  I suppose I can’t blame them for their questions. Although I didn’t have … Read More

The Tijuana Affair: From the New Book by John Hansen

Editor’s Note: This article by John Hansen is from his new book, “Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends”.  John serves as Digital Muscle’s Natural Bodybuilding Editor and is one of the bodybuilding world’s true storytellers.  Please join us in congratulating John on his new book.  We hope you enjoy this excerpt, a classic story of time Sergio Oliva challenged Arnold Schwarzenegger! The Tijuana … Read More

Supplement Review: Ultra Male Rx

By Matt Samansky Supplement Review Editor I recently reviewed IronMag Labs’ leading muscle building supplement Super DMZ 5.0. Much like other steroidal compounds, Super DMZ supplementation may cause suppression, or failure to naturally achieve adequate testosterone production. Super DMZ is so strong that it requires post-cycle therapy to combat any possible chance of suppression. Enter Ultra Male. Ultra Male Rx … Read More

The Remarkable “D4” Dan Eslinger – Winner of the Purple Heart!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Dan Eslinger’s life makes for a hell of a story, and the most striking thing is the way he marches forward – ducks, rolls, and pushes forward again, kind of like a human tank! The 6’3” Army combat vet and Purple Heart recipient served with the legendary 101st Airborne before coming home to Florida to … Read More

Gym Tour Series: Welcome to the East Coast Mecca

At the heart of the global fitness culture is the neighborhood gym.  It’s where men and women, of all shapes and sizes, go to pack on muscle, lose body fat, recover from injuries, or just blow off some steam.  Everyone’s goals are different, but we’re all bonded by the fundamental pursuit of self-improvement. As part of an ongoing series here at … Read More

Muscle Building & Insulin Sensitivity: Understanding the Connection

By Colette Nelson Are some of the things we do to build muscle actually making us predisposed to type 2 diabetes? Let’s start with the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that usually occurs in children; however, we no longer call it “juvenile diabetes,” as we now understand that it can … Read More

PBW Radio: A September to Remember in Bodybuilding

Closing out a historic month in the world of professional bodybuilding, the PBW Radio crew takes to the air to recap an epic month that included the Phil Heath’s 6th Olympia title, Dexter Jackson’s record-setting 27th pro victory, and other headlines from around the IFBB’s global bodybuilding scene.  Hosted by Dan Solomon and Chad Nicholls and brought to you by Ironmag … Read More

Bodybuilding Reminds Us to Never Settle!

By John Hansen The competitive bodybuilding landscape has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Forty years ago, bodybuilders were motivated to win big titles. During the 70’s, the ultimate title for the amateur bodybuilder was the Mr. America. Each year, bodybuilders would travel from all around the country to try to win the biggest amateur title in the sport. … Read More

Arnold Europe Webcast Announced!

Dexter Jackson, Shawn Rhoden, Big Ramy Highlight September 24th Event Presented Live by IronMag Labs Another one of the fitness industry’s biggest events will be streamed LIVE this weekend at the media hub. This time the spotlight is on Barcelona, Spain and the Arnold Classic Europe!  Event co-promoter Dr. Rafael Santonja and Digital Muscle publisher Dan Solomon have reached an … Read More

Phil Heath Wins 6th Olympia Title! – By Dan Solomon

By Dan Solomon Publisher For the sixth straight year, the Sandow Trophy, awarded to the world’s top bodybuilder, will board a flight from Las Vegas to Denver.  36 year old Phil Heath, from Colorado, has won the 2016 Mr. Olympia title and there was very little question about it.  Heath silenced his critics with a physique too formidable for any of … Read More

Stan McQuay Discusses Bid for Classic Physique Olympia Title Interview Series In 2016, the NPC and IFBB Pro League launched the new Classic Physique Division in an effort to provide a home for a more classic, streamlined physique, reminiscent of the days when bodybuilders were celebrated for their aesthetics.  In this special one-on-one interview, Dan Solomon visits with Stan McQuay, a veteran bodybuilder who finds himself as one of the … Read More

John Hansen’s Olympia Top 15 Preview & Prediction’s Coverage of the 2016 Mr. Olympia continues with this EXPANDED preview and prediction from bodybuilding insider and former Natural Olympia champ John Hansen.  Be sure to visit our Olympia Section for more reports from the biggest names in the industry! By John Hansen The 2016 IFBB Mr. Olympia contest has more hype surrounding it this year than the biggest … Read More

PBW Radio: Olympia Analysis with Chad Nicholls and Chris Aceto

Two of the world’s brightest and most respected bodybuilding gurus, Chad Nicholls and Chris Aceto, come together for the very first time to analyze the key matchups at this weekend’s Mr. Olympia.  Presented by IronMag Labs and Wings of Strength, this special edition of PBW Bodybuilding Radio is a production of Use the player below to access the show here … Read More

Olympia 101: What You Need to Know (Weekend Primer)

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor It’s called the Olympia, and many who reside outside of the fitness industry have only a vague idea, if any, of what goes on at the humongous bodybuilding and fitness weekend that takes place in Vegas each September. If you’re new to the bodybuilding scene, or just curious, here’s some crib notes on the event. … Read More

Lonnie Teper’s Olympia Predictions!

Expanding Everyday! – features the most respected line-up of contributors in the bodybuilding & fitness industry. From Bob Cicherillo, Dan Solomon, Chad Nicholls, Lonnie Teper, Ruth Silverman, John Hansen, the list goes on.  And now we present the much anticipated Mr. Olympia Predictions from one of the most respected insiders in the business! The Swami Expects Heath to Be Challenged! By Lonnie Teper Well, … Read More

Supplement Review: D-HD Revitalize Max

By Matt Samansky Supplement Review Editor Testosterone is arguably the most important hormone produced by the body. It’s responsible for the proper function of so many organs and its decline has detrimental effects on muscle gain and fat loss. The questions behind testosterone production have puzzled healthcare professionals and fitness enthusiasts for decades, but a group of German scientists might … Read More

PBW Radio: 2016 Mr. Olympia Preview

The PBW Bodybuilding Radio Crew gets you ready for the 2016 Mr. Olympia.  Hosts Dan Solomon, Chad Nicholls and Bob Cicherillo provide analysis and prediction for the biggest bodybuilding event of the year.  Use the player bar below to access the replay.  Presented by IML, Wings of Strength and hosted by Also Available on iTunes or with this direct file download Link:  … Read More

Supplement Review: Super DMZ 5.0

By Matt Samansky Supplement Review Editor Welcome back to Supps with Samansky on!  Where have I been? Long story short, I’ve been around. I completed my studies at Indiana University in May and I’m continuing to harness my passion for supplementation and nutrition.  I’m proud to report that I’m a college graduate……but my appetite for learning will never end! My … Read More

Dan Solomon: Video Update & Event Announcement

(Video) Publisher Dan Solomon provides updates and announces new event! Also See:  The Master Archive is LOADED with articles on nutrition, training, fit recipes, research and all things fitness.  Our Master Archive is sponsored by IronmagLabs! Dan Solomon, FounderFor two decades, Dan Solomon has earned a reputation as a leader in the world of fitness & bodybuilding publishing. … Read More

Classic Physique Competition: Is It Working?

By John Hansen It’s been more than six months since the introduction of Classic Physique, a new competitive division developed as a means of satisfying a growing number of bodybuilders and men’s physique athletes looking to expand their talents. The Classic Physique division is seen by some as a cross between those two divisions, bodybuilding and men’s physique. Similar to … Read More

PBW Radio: Calling Out Kai Greene

Bodybuilding talk radio returns this week as Dan Solomon and Chad Nicholls take an inside look at Kai Greene’s decision to forego the Mr. Olympia contest for the second straight year.  Neither of the hosts hold back as they examine the impact it has on fans and his fellow competitors.  Use the player bar below to access the replay.  Presented … Read More

Iso-holds: A Secret Weapon for Building Upper-Body Bikini Curves

By Evina Del Pizzo What’s the best workout for building nice, full but chiseled arms? My mentors usually gives me a quick look and giggle when I ask that question. Mostly the answer has been, “Time and consistency.” Looking back on what I’ve learned about training for my ectomorph body, it was partly the right response—not just time, but time … Read More

Supplement Industry: Growing Muscle AND the Economy!

By: Matt Weik There’s so much negativity surrounding the sports supplement industry these days that it’s about time some positive news is shared. It seems like everyone wants to take a shot at the dietary supplement industry – whether it’s for bogus claims, fake studies, tainted products, placebo effects, high prices, poor quality, fairy dusted ingredients, the list goes on … Read More

A Hardcore Visionary: Rob DiMaggio – Industry Spotlight

By Dan Solomon The supplement industry, it’s loaded with dynamic personalities, risk-takers, and innovators. Over the years I’ve gotten to know many of them. No two are alike. Some have achieved ungodly wealth while others have struggled to survive beyond the first year.   The real trailblazers are the company owners, those courageous men and women who put their money where … Read More

Research Report: mTor Triggers Muscle Cells

By: Matt Weik We all know how lucrative and how LARGE the supplement industry has become. Innovation keeps the industry growing and exciting.  As research is made public, everyone is rushing to come out with something new and be the first to market.  Speaking of which, a study has been released that shows some impressive results from the use of … Read More

Is Bodybuilding Still a Young Man’s Sport?

By John Hansen One of the most disturbing trends in the world of competitive bodybuilding over the last 20-30 years is an alarming drop off in talented teen bodybuilders. Decades ago, a variety of incredible teenage bodybuilders would battle it out at various national level competitions. Today, the teenage division in bodybuilding is lightly contested at best and often completely … Read More

Muscle Beach Retro!

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Ah, Venice! And by that I mean Venice, California, a seaside section of Los Angeles where you can go from funk to fine dining just by turning a corner. The famed Ocean Front Walk is still the eclectic, Bohemian stroll it was when I arrived here many moons ago, and as a fitness-friendly destination Venice … Read More

Controversial Ingredient: 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (A Closer Look)

By Matt Samansky Supplement Review Editor In 2006, USP Labs unleashed Jack3D, a product now revered among the best of supplement lore. Why was this pre-workout so popular and what made it so effective? Its success was attributed to its incorporation of an ingredient known as 1, 3-Dimethylamylamine. Put simply, 1, 3DMAA is an extremely strong stimulant with a molecular … Read More

Understanding Branched Chain Amino Acids

By Matt Samansky Supplement Review Editor BCAA’s have been a staple of the supplement industry since the turn of the century! For the sake of getting scientific, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. As you chew on your chicken breast, not only are you ingesting dozens of grams of proteins, but thousands of amino acids bonded together. Specifically, … Read More

Are the Animals Taking Over the Protein Market?

By: Matt Weik Exercisers around the United States are constantly shopping for a quality source of protein to use post workout. What they usually grab is a tub of their favorite flavor of whey protein from a manufacturer they trust.  Whey has been used for a very long time, giving the consumer the protein requirements needed to help pack on … Read More

PBW Bodybuilding Radio (6/15/16) Chad and Tony

Two of the bodybuilding world’s top insiders, Chad Nicholls and Tony Doherty, come together on this all new edition of bodybuilding talk radio. Visit the show online at (Use the player link below to listen) Brought to you by PBW Show PublisherThe Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio Show, bodybuilding’s radio voice, is presented by Created in 2005 by Dan Solomon, the … Read More

Can You Keep Up With Karina? (Video)

Digital Muscle’s Karina Nascimento provides a look at one of her workouts in this new video. Produced by Kevin Ostajewski Visit the Digital Muscle Training Blog for More Great Content! Karina NascimentoA highly decorated Brazilian born physique champion, Karina Nascimento lights up stages around the world with her trademark swagger and world class physique. A popular IFBB bodybuilding and physique … Read More

Giles Thomas to Oversee European Business Development at Digital Muscle

Giles Thomas joins Digital Muscle as Director of European Business Development, the fitness industry’s growing media hub, announces the addition of Giles Thomas to its executive team.  The England based industry insider joins Digital Muscle Media as Director of European Business Development. For over two decades, Thomas has earned a reputation for his high-integrity work ethic, tackling various roles … Read More

Beware of Fake Supplement Reviews!

By: Matt Weik You’re in search of a new supplement to try…  What do you do?  Look for reviews on new products, right?  What if I told you most of the reviews out there today are fake and paid for by supplement companies?  One of the largest online supplement retailers is the worst offender, and they don’t seem to care. … Read More

Lactobacillus Plantarum for Muscle Gains?

By: Matt Weik Before we all get our hopes up that this article will unlock the secret you’ve been waiting for to unleash untapped muscular gains, let’s get one thing straight. The results found in this study were done on male lab mice, not humans.  You and I don’t have a tail or whiskers and we don’t run around on … Read More

Dan’s Video Blog: Real Perspective on the Levrone Comeback

Dan Solomon’s Video Blog Series continues with a no nonsense rant about the return of legendary bodybuilder Kevin Levrone.  In this 4 minute video, the founder provides some perspective on one of the year’s most compelling stories in the world of professional bodybuilding. Also See:  Dan Discusses Dexter Jackson’s Pursuit of Ronnie Coleman’s Record!   Dan Solomon, FounderFor two … Read More

New Video Blog: Dan on Dexter

Dan Solomon’s new Video Blog series opens with a 3 minute commentary about legendary bodybuilder Dexter Jackson’s pursuit of one of the sport’s most prolific records. Comments?  Click here to access Dan’s contact info! Dan Solomon, FounderFor two decades, Dan Solomon has earned a reputation as a leader in the world of fitness & bodybuilding publishing. Having conducted many of the … Read More

PBW Bodybuilding Radio (5-18-16) Shop Talk with Chad and Big Mel

Bodybuilding radio continues as Chad Nicholls and Mel Chancey grab the microphones for some shop talk.  Topics include the weekend’s all-star gathering in Pittsburgh as the Olympia contenders took to the stage, plus the news of a Kevin Levrone comeback.  PBW Bodybuilding Radio is now available at PBW Show PublisherThe Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio Show, bodybuilding’s radio voice, is presented … Read More

Experts. Embrace the Real Ones!

By Dan Solomon We receive a pile of emails here every day. Most are opinions or questions about articles published here at, a diverse assortment of topics ranging from training & nutrition to supplementation & bodybuilding.  Yesterday I got an email from a guy in London with the words, “Tired of the So Called Experts” in the subject line.  … Read More

Fitness Spotlight: Venice Beach, California

By Paul & Magda Wilk Hi Guys and welcome again to our blog! In our last article we shared with you the story of our amazing Fit Trip to Rio de Janeiro. Today we’re writing from the mecca of fitness and bodybuilding, Venice beach California! This place is a must see destination for all fitness nuts like us! Every time we … Read More

Kevin Levrone: A Comeback for the Ages?

By John Hansen Legendary bodybuilding champion Kevin Levrone made headlines recently when he announced that he will compete this September at the Mr. Olympia contest. At 51 years old, the former bodybuilding superstar hasn’t competed in 13 years! The last time he hopped on stage was all the way back in 2003 when he took 6th at the Mr. Olympia.  His … Read More

Bigger. It’s Not Always Better

By John Hansen I recently interviewed an IFBB professional bodybuilder named Santiago Aragon about a decision he made to switch from the “Under 212lb” bodybuilding division to the new Classic Physique division.  Santi, who earned his pro card at the 2014 NPC Nationals as a Welterweight, had just made his pro debut at the Miami Beach Muscle Pro event where … Read More

Behind the Launch of Super DMZ 5.0

By Mike Arnold 2014 and 2015 were brutal years for the muscle building sector of the supplement industry. As most of you know, the government cracked down pretty hard on the prohormone/designer wagon, banning what was at the time, the most potent class of muscle building products on the market. Seeing the writing on the wall, IronMag Labs (IML) decided … Read More

Arnold’s Next Stop: South Africa!

After enjoying monumental success earlier this year in Columbus, Sydney and Rio, the Arnold Classic will head to Johannesburg the weekend of May 27 – 29 for the inaugural Arnold Classic South Africa. As the region prepares for Arnold’s arrival, Jim Lorimer, Bob Lorimer, Wayne Price and their entire team are busy putting the final touches on what promises to be an … Read More

Supplement Review: Vaso-Factor by GiaLabs

By Matt Samansky GIA-Labs was founded in 2014 under the determined leadership of CEO Jason Giardino. Having sampled more pre-workouts than I can count, I am always searching for new ones to try. The new-kid-on-the-block mystique of GIA-Labs intrigued me to try Vaso-Factor. Let’s take a look at the ingredient profile that piqued my interest and see if it has … Read More

Get Sleep, Gain Muscle!!!

Let me begin by acknowledging that IML is a sponsor here at Digital Muscle so I don’t want this to come across like I’m trying to brown-nose a sponsor. I’m blogging about this because I really wanted to share a personal experience!  -Matt A key contributor to your overall size and strength gains is sleep. If you don’t get enough … Read More

PBW Bodybuilding Radio (4-25-16) Industry Buzzzzzz

Bodybuilding talk radio continues as Dan Solomon re-joins the conversation with hosts Chad Nicholls and Ben Pakulski for a look at the stories making headlines around the world of professional bodybuilding.  PBW Radio is now hosted by, the fitness industry’s media hub. PBW Show PublisherThe Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio Show, bodybuilding’s radio voice, is presented by Created in … Read More

Hope for Hardgainers!

From day one, in whatever I did, I’ve always been the token tall, skinny girl—but that’s never stopped me from achieving my goals. My introduction to the weight room came in high school, as with so many of us, through organized sports. I would lift and lift and lift, but gains were hard to come by. That could be chalked … Read More

Bob Cicherillo Joins IronMag Labs

Bob Cicherillo Joins IronMag Labs In a move aimed to shake things up in the world of performance supplementation, IronMag Labs announces the arrival of one of the bodybuilding industry’s most visible and influential insiders.  Bob Cicherillo, the familiar voice of the Mr. Olympia contest, has signed a multi-year deal with IML, a brand that has spent more than a … Read More

Fitness Spotlight: Rio De Janeiro

Welcome to our new blog here at Digital Muscle! We’re both excited to be a part of this awesome media site and to blog with the industry’s best! As many of you already know, we organize fitness vacations. As we travel, we see the growth of fitness all around the world – truly a global phenomenon!  – Magda & Paul … Read More

Do You Have the Fire to Compete?

As the NPC and IFBB have added new divisions, it’s been exciting to watch each in turn grow faster than a Chia Pet’s hair. In fact, there are more new-pro status changes on Facebook each year than there were pro cards given out in the entire decade of the 1990s. Is yours destined to be one of them? More to … Read More

Classic Physique Competition – I Love It!!!

In case you missed that, I love the new classic physique division. Love everything about it—the bodies, the posing, the posing trunks like tight black Jockey shorts. The fact is, I’ve been waiting for this division for years, ever since the NPC/IFBB chose guys-in-board-shorts over the amateur IFBB’s then-new “classic bodybuilding” division for their expansion.  Not that there’s anything wrong … Read More

The Hardcore Blog is Coming!!!

Presented by IronMag Labs, this new addition to the Digital Muscle Media Hub will feature insight on training, nutrition and science – the kind of info appealing only to the most dedicated athletes in the world.    By Matt Weik Welcome fellow hardcore fitness enthusiasts!  On behalf everyone at IML, we are excited to be the premier sponsor right here at … Read More

Adina Zanolli Joins Digital Muscle, the fitness industry’s new media hub, is pleased to welcome Adina Zanolli to its expanding team.  In the role of Director of Advertising, Zanolli will oversee the company’s brand partnerships and ongoing sponsorship initiatives.  Most recently, Zanolli served as editor-in-chief for Muscular Development Magazine’s online property. Fresh off successful webcasts of the Arnold Classic in Columbus and Australia, Digital … Read More

Arnold Classic Australia Highlight Video was proud to serve as the exclusive streaming webcast provider of last month’s Arnold Classic Australia. A special thanks to promoter Tony Doherty and our amazing partners in Melbourne for providing this highlight video.  Check back often as we continue to provide coverage of these incredible multi-sport events, now held on six continents!   Digital Muscle News WireThis section of is … Read More

Digital Muscle: The 100 Day Report

By Dan Solomon, Publisher (April 7, 2016) Fitness experts love to preach the virtues of patience.  They’ll remind us that sculpting a physique is a slow and steady process.  A journey. When we launched Digital Muscle, 100 days ago, the mindset was the same:  Slow and steady. Brick by brick. One day at a time. As it turns out, there has been … Read More

Choose a Training Style…..Like the Champions Do!!!

  We call them the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates – dominant, iconic and legendary! Although each champion had rivals who wanted to knock them off their perches, they were undeniably the best of their respective eras. Fans look up to them and study how they trained.  They want to achieve their … Read More

Kai vs Cedric: How Close Was It?

Dan Solomon, FounderFor two decades, Dan Solomon has earned a reputation as a leader in the world of fitness & bodybuilding publishing. Having conducted many of the industry’s most wide reaching and high profile interviews, Dan has served as host and lead commentator for the Mr. Olympia contest, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, while also having appeared as host & moderator … Read More

That Killer Instinct (Do you have it?)

At the recent Arnold Classic Australia, 4 Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was interviewed by the RxMuscle website.  Jay was asked what advice he would give to runner-up Cedric McMillan, the genetically gifted bodybuilder who seems to have everything needed to win the Mr. Olympia but always seems to miss out on winning the big titles. Jay’s advice to the … Read More

Minor Injuries: The Un-Breakable Rules!!!

In a previous article here on Digital Muscle, I discussed how the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) can help potentially reduce the risk for injury. But sometimes things just happen. A few weeks ago I was playing around with my kids. Well, the truth is, I was starting to teach sprint training drills and got a little intense with one my … Read More

PBW Bodybuilding Radio (3-23-16) Nicholls & Pakulski Talk Training!!!

Two of the best minds in bodybuilding discuss training and an array of topics on an all new edition of PBW – Bodybuilding Radio!  Hosts Chad Nicholls and Ben Pakulski are also joined by Flex Wheeler.  Visit the show online at or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!   PBW Show PublisherThe Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide Radio Show, bodybuilding’s radio voice, … Read More