The Passing of Gustavo Badell: Rest in Peace.

                             Gustavo Badell   By Shawn Ray It is with great sadness that I report the Passing of Venezuelan born retired Pro Bodybuilder, Trainer and Promoter, Gustavo Badell. The news of Gustavo’s passing spread like wildfire on social media as his legions […]

Glutes to the MAX!

By Bill Dobbins Founding Editor, Flex Magazine [Photographer: Wings of Strength] You can see the development of glutes and hamstrings on the physique of Ms. Olympia Wellness Francielle Mattos. GLUTES TO THE MAX “I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walking away.”  The rear end can be one of the most attractive […]

59th Mr Olympia in Orlando, Florida

By Shawn Ray As the 59th Joe Weider Olympia Weekend rolls into Orlando, Florida the weekend of November 2-5th at Orange County Convention Center a few reminders for those preparing to witness History- • Book your Discount Hotel Room✅ • Order your Event Tickets✅ • Host Venue- Orange County Convention Center ✅ • Events✅ EXPO, […]

NPC Mr. California

By Shawn Ray The return of the 2023 NPC Mr. California is happening Saturday, May 27th at the Marriott Anaheim Convention Center. This NPC event started back in 1981 which was won by a little known bodybuilder, Edward Zajac. Soon there after, “The Cal” as it became known, would grow into the premier event of […]

New York Pro returns to New Jersey!

By Shawn Ray The IFBB Pro League’s New York Pro is rich in tradition, ripe with history and entwined with some of the world’s best bodybuilders! This show has been produced since 2005 by contest promoters, Steve Weinberger and Bev Francis of Powerhouse Gym. The show has had 3 future Mr. Olympia Champions development from […]

TWO SHOW OFFS – Kevin Levrone and California

By Founding Editor of Flex Magazine, Bill Dobbins [Photographer: Bill Dobbins] Above Kevin, pelicans were diving off the cliff. Some bodybuilders are less inhibited when it comes to posing.  Kevin Levrone has never had any problems showing off, as he did in this photo session for Flex Magazine at Zuma Beach, CA.   And this Day, it was as if […]

FIBO Expo 2023

By Shawn Ray The FIBO Congress is held every year in Koln, Germany where it all started back in 1985 before moving briefly to Essen, Germany for several years and ultimately returned to Koln a couple years ago. Bodybuilding & Fitness enthusiasts decend on this massive expo held over a 4 day period that’s comprised […]


“Understanding The Posing Round” by Bill Dobbins Founding Editor of Flex Magazine THE ROUND SYSTEM Way back in the day, some bodybuilding contests were conducted by having all the competitors and the judges in the same room within a few feet of each other, which gave the judges a chance to look over all the bodybuilders, […]

The Lost Art of Posing

by Shawn Ray There’s a lot of debate about the lost art of posing on the professional level of competition most notably at the Mr. Olympia Competitions. My personal introduction to the world of bodybuilding, began with focus and attention on how to hit the mandatory poses correctly, by two-time Mr. Universe/ three-time Mr. World, […]

How to Achieve the Bodybuilder Look!

By Bill Dobbins HOW TO ACHIEVE THE “BODYBUILDER LOOK” To Look Like A Bodybuilder, You Have To Train And Diet Like One By Founding Editor, Flex Magazine Bill Dobbins [Photographer: Wings of Strength] [The shape, muscularity, proportion, and definition of an elite bodybuilder are unique and unmistakable as seen here on Rodrigue Chesnier.] The “bodybuilder […]

Samson wins the ARNOLD CLASSIC!

By Shawn Ray The 35th edition of the Arnold Sports Weekend has come to a close and the crowning of a new champion was witnessed in Columbus, Ohio with Arnold Schwarzenegger on hand and Title Sponsor CEO of MUTANT, Jim McMahon doing the presentation awards honors to Samson Dauda of England by way of Nigeria. […]

Modern Female Bodybuilding

MODERN FEMALE BODYBUILDING: How It All Got Started By Steve Wennerstrom IFBB Women’s Archivist/Historian and Editor of Women’s Physique World Photo: Bill Dobbins​ Rachel McLish won the 1980 US Bodybuilding Championships and was favored to win the first Ms. Olympia later that year. Women’s curiosity regarding their own strength and physical capabilities is really nothing new. In […]

Flex Wheeler: Arnold Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient 2023

By Shawn Ray The Sultan of Symmetry, Kenny “FLEX” Wheeler began his bodybuilding journey in Fresno, California as a young skinny teenager who spent a lot of time practicing Martial Arts. He wasn’t born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth and everything he achieved he alone takes credit for. Flex grew up with nothing. […]

Past Champions: Arnold Classic turns 35!

by Shawn Ray In 1989, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his partner, Jim Lorimer created the Arnold Classic. The first weekend in March would be the designated weekend that pro bodybuilders from around the world would selected to participate in what would become the sport’s second longest running Professional Contest in history! On a Handshake, Arnold and […]

Pure GOLD- The Passing of Tonya Knight

By Shawn Ray News has swept across the bodybuilding industry that one of our Queen’s of Bodybuilding, Tonya Knight has passed away due to complications in her battle with Cancer. It was announced a short couple years ago that Tonya was not well and that she was facing an uphill battle that needed Prayers from […]

The Heavy Duty Life & Career of Dorian Yates

by Bill Dobbins The Dorian Yates story sometimes seems to have come from a 1930s movie.  A “Dead End Kid” or a character out of “Boy’s Town”, a self-confessed juvenile delinquent who discovers that sport can be the path out of a problem youth and to find future success. Dorian was a “bad boy” as […]

Masters Mr. Olympia is BACK 2023!

By Shawn Ray As the 2023 IFBB Pro League Bodybuilding Season returns, the news of the addition to the already jammed packed competition schedule, the Masters Mr. Olympia will return this August and has a lot of old school athletes contemplating a return to the stage for one last dance on the biggest stage in […]


by Bill Dobbins, Founding Editor of Flex Magazine The First Ms. Olympia was the First Superstar of Female Bodybuilding! The first Ms. Olympia was held in 1980 (actually, back then it was called the “Miss” Olympia).  Modern female bodybuilding had only gotten started in 1977, just three years earlier, so this was still an infant […]


By Bill Dobbins Founding Editor of Flex Magazine “Bev Coming To Bodybuilding Was A Game Changer.” Bev Francis was introduced to the bodybuilding world in 1985 and featured in the movie Pumping Iron II. Bev was a successful and celebrated athlete, a champion powerlifter, and a national shot-put champion.   She also had more muscle and was stronger than the other female bodybuilders of the […]

Celebrating 35 Years Arnold Classic Ohio!

By Shawn Ray The history of the Arnold Classic began back in 1989 with the inaugural champion, Rich Gaspari a former 3X first Olympia Runner Up to the awesome Lee Haney back in the day. Now as we approach the 35th year of what is now known as the Arnold Sports Festival this March, the […]

2022 Year in Review

By Shawn Ray 2022 is now in the history books and what a year it was! The conversation about CoVid19 seemed to diminish following some devastating losses and shut downs in 2021, the sport of Bodybuilding seemed to be getting back to normal as we kicked things off with the long running Fit Expo LA […]

We remember you.

By Shawn Ray The year 2022 saw the untimely passings of some lives cut short and legends that never die. We take a look back at but a few of our athletes we lost over the past year from the Iron Game that will not soon be forgotten. Jim Lorimer: The colorful co-founder of the […]

Mr Olympia Weekend Highlights 2022

The 58th edition of the Joe Weider Olympia Weekend was a smash! Many repeat and new champions were crowned and we will dive right into it right here! Canadian juggernaut, Chris Bumstead cranked out another Classic Physique Olympia victory making it 4 in a row! Then there was “King Kong” Harold Kelly from the Pro […]

And New Mr. Olympia, Hadi Choopan!

The 58th running of Joe Weider’s Mr Olympia Weekend is now in the history books, literally! Persian Bodybuilder, Hadi Choopan a perennial top 4 Olympia finalist accented to the Olympia Throne in grand fashion this past Saturday at the Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood Hotel Resort & Casino. The former 212 Pro climbed his way […]

58th Joe Weider Mr Olympia Las Vegas Returns!

By Shawn Ray We are officially only 3 Weeks away from the Greatest Show on Earth courtesy of Olympia CEO, Jake Wood and the IFBB Pro League set for December 12-17th in Las Vegas, Nevada at Zappos Theater inside the Plant Hollywood Resort & Casino. As previously reported by Olympia Promoter, Dan Solomon the show […]

2022 Rising Phoenix Results! Shaw wins Again!

By Shawn Ray 2X Ms. Olympia and now 3X Rising Phoenix World Champion, Andrea Shaw has once again shown the industry what Excellence looks like! Poetry in motion, symmetrical, graceful, balanced and beautiful Andrea has the world of professional women’s bodybuilding eating out of her hands literally and figuratively! 3X Rising Phoenix World Champion On […]

Reflecting on Lessons from the OG’s

By Shawn Ray Coming into the world of bodybuilding in the early 80’s, I gleaned all I could from the muscle magazines and photos on gym walls for inspiration. By 1983 I ventured into my first two contests back to back weekends in the summer of my Jr year in high school after six straight […]

Why the Wellness Division makes Sense

By Bill Dobbins Founding Editor – Flex Magazine Wellness top 6 at the 2022 NY Pro championships. [Photographer: Wings of Strength] There is such a proliferation of divisions in women’s bodybuilding and figure competition that it is often difficult to keep track or understand the standards of each. First, there was Bodybuilding followed by the Fitness division, in which athlete performance […]

The First of the Muscle Monsters

By Bill Dobbins Founding Editor: Flex Magazine LEE HANEY: Lee Haney came along when there were no “big guys” active among the pros. [Photographer: Bill Dobbins] I remember standing outside of Gold’s Gym in Venice back in the early 1980s and listening to a young bodybuilder complain that there were no more “big guys” in […]

Andrew Jacked wins ASF UK 2022!

By Shawn Ray Arnold Sports Festival UK has come to a close and rookie Pro, Andrew Jacked has just gone 3 for 3 in his first three bodybuilding shows at the age of 37! Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake that Andrew Jacked is the “Real Deal!”. Andrew made his way from Dubai to Birmingham, […]

Rest in Peace: Bill Pearl

by John Hansen & Shawn Ray Bill Pearl The legendary bodybuilder Bill Pearl passed away on September 14, 2022 at his home in Oregon at 91 years old. Bill was one of the most successful competitive bodybuilders of his era, winning the coveted NABBA Mr. Universe contest 4x as well as the AAU Mr. America […]

History: Mr. Olympia 1974

Bodybuilding and Sports Illustrated circa 1974 By John Hansen Mr. Olympia contest was somewhat of a milestone in the history of bodybuilding’s biggest competition due to the emerging media attention it began to attract. In 1974, President Nixon was forced to resign in the wake of the Watergate scandal, Hank Aaron beat the beloved Babe […]

Throwback: 2006 Colorado Pro/Am

By The Late, Shawn Perine FLEX It’s a new high for the sport of bodybuilding as Denver hosts the inaugural Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic 2006!! Ray’s day: It’s a new high for the sport of bodybuilding as Denver hosts the inaugural Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic Shawn Perine Over the past few years, Shawn […]

2023 Arnold Classic Pro Divisions Announced!

By Shawn Ray The 35th edition of the Arnold Sports Festival has announced its new Pro Contest Divisions as contest schedules return to normal post CoVid shuffles. Team Arnold has trimmed the contest schedule in order to make room for new and exciting divisions and events during the sports most explosive weekend in Columbus, Ohio. […]

2022 Tampa Pro/Am in Review

By John Hansen The 15th Annual Tampa Pro took place from August 4th-6th, 2022 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa Pro is one of the few events to feature all the professional divisions and it always attracts top competition from the best athletes in the sport. This year’s competition featured some […]

2022 IFBB Pro League Tampa Pro Returns!

By John Hansen 2022 Tampa Pro Preview- The IFBB Tampa Pro Championships will celebrate its 15th year in 2022 as one of the most prestigious and popular professional competitions on the bodybuilding calendar. Held each year since 2008 in Tampa, Florida on the first weekend of August, the Tampa Pro is one of the few […]

Mr. Olympia 2022 New Jack’s

by Shawn Ray The 2022 Pro Bodybuilding season has gotten off to a fiery start! First we have former 2019 Mr. Olympia, Brandon Curry winning his second Arnold Classic Title in Columbus, Ohio to pad his resume which includes Arnold Classic wins in both Australia and Brazil along with his Lou Ferrigno Legacy victory in […]

The Cost of being a Bodybuilder

by Shawn Ray Before you embark on trying fulfill your dream of becoming a bodybuilder, there are a few things you may want to consider first in your pursuit of perfection. One of the most important aspects few athletes take into consideration is the Cost. Bodybuilding and fitness can be very expensive if you get […]

Can anyone beat the Queen of Bodybuilding?

By Shawn Ray The first ever Ms. Olympia Winner in 1980 was the beautiful Rachel McLish. Rachel would go onto win one more of these titles in 82’ en route to gracing more magazine covers than any female bodybuilder over the next 5 years as she’d retire from competing in 1984. In 1981, the Finnish […]

Big Ramy or Chris Bumstead “Beauty and The Beast”

By Shawn Ray It’s been 21 years since I last graced the stage of the Mr. Olympia and as I survey this years line-up I find an interesting dichotomy of having to choose between Size or Shape once again. Big Ramy is as big as they come when we look at past Mr Olympia winners […]

7X Olympia 212 Champion, Flex Lewis officially Retires!

by Shawn Ray And just like that…’s officially over for one of our sports most decorated athlete of all time as The Welshman, James “Flex” Lewis calls it a career on his own terms after 4 years of competitive inactivity. Flex will forever be known as bodybuildings Greatest 212 Pro Champion by virtue of his […]

Mr. Olympia Returns to Las Vegas!

by Shawn Ray This December 15-18th at Planet Hollywood’s amazing Zappos Theater the 58th Joe Weider Mr. Olympia returns to Las Vegas, Nevada! The past two years have been challenging for most people, sports fans and businesses worldwide as we battled through a global pandemic that in some regions of the world still rages on […]

Rest In Peace, Cedric McMillan

By Shawn Ray We are sad to report the passing of yet another Superstar in Pro Bodybuilding, Cedric McMillan. It has been reported that Big Mac passed away due to a Heart Attack. (details are still coming in). Arnold Classic Winner 2017 & Arnold Schwarzenegger Cedric won the Overall NPC National Championships to earn his […]

Mr. Olympia & The Sandow in the Past 5 Years: A look back!

The Sandow Trophy By Shawn Ray The year 2017 marked the end of an era when 7X Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath won his last Pro contest and consecutive Sandow Trophy. The former, NPC USA Champion walked off the Olympia stage with uncertainty in the air as he battled some stomach issues and and the heat […]

2022 Arnold Classic 34 Finals Wrap up!

By Shawn Ray Arnold Schwarzenegger has done it again! For the past 34 years, Arnold has returned to Columbus, Ohio to promote arguably the Biggest Fitness Expo in America in the aftermath of a global pandemic that started back in 2019 and went on to cancel, stall and even wipeout many sporting events around the […]

Arnold Classic 34- Day 1 Results are in!

By John Hansen Photos by Shawn Ray Arnold Classic – Day OneDay One at the 2022 Arnold Classic featured great competition in the Fitness and Figure International as well as the Classic Physique division. Many of the top contenders from the recent Mr. Olympia competition last October were back onstage in Columbus to compete in […]

2022 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Prejudging Wrap-up!

by John Hansen 2022 Arnold Classic Prejudging Brandon Curry, winner of the Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic in 2019, was the heavy favorite going into the 2022 Arnold Classic. After two consecutive runner-up placings at the 2020 and 2021 Mr. Olympia contests, many experts felt that this contest was going to be all Brandon […]

Arnold Classic Amateurs Return to Columbus, Ohio

By Shawn Ray The 2022 Arnold Classic Amateur Competitions return to Columbus after a year of cancellation due to the Coronavirus Pandemic making a mess of things related to contest prep, travel, logistics and more. This year, all systems go as we get things started on Thursday, March 3rd with Day 1 of 3. The […]

2022 Arnold Classic Returns!

By Shawn Ray 1989 Arnold and partner, Jim Lorimer started the Arnold Classic held in Columbus, Ohio to bring together the best Athletes and Bodybuilders in the world based on a “Handshake” agreement to promote a contest that would rival the Olympic Games! This March 3-6th following two years of a global pandemic which slowed […]

2X Ms. Olympia, Andrea Shaw Signs with Mutant!

by Shawn Ray MUTANT® PARTNERS WITH 2X MS. OLYMPIA ANDREA SHAW AND HER QUEST TO A 3rd TITLE IN 2022! Bodybuilding World Champion Leaves Humanity Behind Joining MUTANT NATION! ———————————————————————————————————— PRESS RELEASE — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — JANUARY 24, 2022 Vancouver, BC, Canada – The Champ is here! MUTANT® continued its dedication to power top athletes and remarkable people around the world with the announcement today they have signed 2x Ms. Olympia […]

2022 Arnold Classic Preview

By John Hansen 2022 Arnold Classic Preview The 34th annual Arnold Classic is set to take place from March 3-6, 2022 in Columbus, Ohio. After a tumultuous two year period of expo cancellations and limited audience attendance due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the promoters of the Arnold Classic are hoping to bring things back to […]

2022 IFBB Pro League Schedule

By Shawn Ray 2022 IFBB Pro League Mens Open Bodybuilding Schedule: Arnold Classic: March 3-6, 2022, in Columbus, OH Boston Pro: March 12, 2022, in Boston, MA Arnold Classic Brazil: April 22-24, 2022. Location TBD Indy Pro: May 14, 2022, in Indianapolis, IN New York Pro: May 21, 2022, in White Plains, NY Toronto Pro: […]

Top Headlines in 2021!

By Shawn Ray Record Cancellations- As we welcomed the year 2021, it was with great reservation and hesitation for the bodybuilding industry to get excited about considering the top stories of 2020 were Coronavirus, Cancellation and Isolation. Well, 2021 kicked off the season with Cancellations of both the LA Fit Expo and Arnold Classic Ohio […]

Remembering Mr. Olympia, Chris Dickerson RIP.

By Shawn Ray The world of bodybuilding remembers a champion who not only rose to the top of the Mr. Olympia Royalty but did so with Class, Kindness and Care. The 1982 Mr. Olympia Winner, Chris Dickerson was not an overnight sensation by any means rather far from it. At 43 years old, Chris became […]

2021- Open Pro Bodybuilding Year in Review

by Shawn Ray The year that was 2021 kicked off with a slow start regarding the never ending pandemic known as CoVid 19 which wrecked havoc in 2020 and still had a strangle hold on 2021. The traditional kick off to the year was absent in the form of the LA Fit Expo in January […]

Respect for “The Blond Bomber” Dave Draper

By Shawn Ray The legendary, Dave Draper passed away November 30, 2021 however his legacy and memories remain with all who knew him as more than just an iconic figure from the 60’s Muscle Beach scenes in movies and magazines. Dave, a Santa Cruz, California native was one of those athletes we see once in […]

Cancel Culture Phenomenon- “Alive & Well”

By Shawn Ray In recent years a phenomenon has popped into our public and private lives by the increased ability to control individual platforms like; Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter serving as vehicles to air grievances and disagreements instead of motivation and inspiration which were two of the main reasons adult personalities use them for. […]

Here today, Gone Too Soon!

By Shawn Ray It is with great sadness I have to write yet another story about one our own passing in the sport of bodybuilding. Former 2018 Mr. Olympia, Shawn Rhoden just last night passed away and we are all shocked and sadden to hear this news as we wait for the actual cause of […]

NPC Nationals turns 40!

By Shawn Ray in 1982, NPC President Jim Manion created the first installment of what was to become the premier Amateur Bodybuilding Contest in history that would lead the winners straight into the Professional ranks! A young upstart by the name, Lee Haney would win the inaugural event on his first attempt prior to winning […]

2021 Mr. Olympia in REVIEW

By John Hansen & Shawn Ray 2021 Olympia Report The 57th Annual Mr. Olympia contest took place from October 7th-10th, 2021 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The extravaganza featured 11 professional events this year including the Mr. Olympia contest, the Ms. Olympia contest, the Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, Women’s Physique Olympia, […]

Diuretics=Death & Destruction

By Shawn Ray Diuretics are a known danger to the sport of Bodybuilding in fact they watered down the danger of this drug by commonly referring to them as “Water Pills” typically used to rid the body of temporary water retention in order to “make weight” lose weight, thin the skin and help bodybuilders appear […]

The return of Rising Phoenix!

By Shawn Ray The desert of Arizona is the home for one the pro women’s elite events of the year, “The Rising Phoenix!” Contest promoter, Jake Wood first began producing this All Female Weekend back in 2015 with event producer, Tim Gardner. In the absence of the Ms. Olympia competition taking place annually, the Rising […]

2021 Tampa Pro Report in Review

2021 Tampa Pro Report by John Hansen The 14th Annual Tampa Pro Championships took place on Friday, August 6th and Saturday, August 7th, 2021 at the beautiful Grand Hyatt hotel in Tampa, Florida. The Tim Gardner promoted competition is one of the biggest events of the year on the IFBB calendar as it features every […]

2021 Tampa Pro History

Tampa Pro History by John Hansen In 2008, Tampa, Florida promoter Tim Gardner started promoting the IFBB Tampa Pro Championships. Always held in August in Tampa, the IFBB Tampa Pro has gained the distinction of being one of the last professional competitions to be held before the Mr. Olympia each year. As a result, the […]

The Labrada Affect

By Shawn Ray The Mr. Olympia contest began in 1965 where the world was introduced to its first champion in the form of Larry Scott who would go onto win the 66′ title as well. It’s been 57 years since that happened and only 15 world champions have since held the title of Mr. Olympia. […]

Shawn Ray New Global Ambassador for Mutant Nation

By John Hansen   -Shawn Ray signs with Mutant Nation- Hall of Fame Bodybuilder Shawn Ray has officially signed with Mutant Nation. In a press release on July 20th, 2021, the supplement company, CEO Jim McMahon announced their new partnership with Shawn “with the mission of sharing his wisdom, techniques, motivation and nutrition tips that […]

57th Mr. Olympia Orlando, Florida

by Shawn Ray As we approach the Joe Weider Mr. Olympia Weekend in Orlando, Florida I think it’s important to know what’s going on and when before arriving at the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding! For over 56 years we’ve witnessed only 16 different champions lay claim to the coveted Sandow Trophy, this years contest will […]

The Shape of Things to Come……

By Shawn Ray Every so often history has a way of repositioning itself in order to make way for a new generation of future superstars of sport! In professional bodybuilding one need look no further than the infamous “Posedowns” to see the ever changing landscape of the Past as it meets the Present. In some […]

Lee Haney “The G.O.A.T”

By Shawn Ray In 1991, the world of Professional Bodybuilding witnessed history in the making while bringing an end to what many considered the greatest Mr. Olympia Champion of all-time in the form of Lee Haney! Lee Haney was born November 11, 1959 and had aspirations to play professional football while growing up in South […]

Arnold vs Lou

By John Hansen   One of the greatest rivalries in the history of bodybuilding was between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. It was the battle between the cocky king of bodybuilding and the insecure underdog and it was captured on film in the cult classic movie “Pumping Iron” in 1977.    It was because of […]

The New King of New York, Nick Walker

By John Hansen Men’s Bodybuilding: In a dominant victory, 26 year old Nick Walker won the prestigious New York Pro Championships on May 15th, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. Competing in only his second pro show, Walker battled pre-contest favorite Justin Rodriguez for first place in a heated showdown. Rodriguez, coming off a win at the […]

The Thinking Man’s Bodybuilder

FRANK ZANE: The Thinking Man’s Bodybuilder By Text and Photos by Bill DobbinsFounding Editor, Flex Magazine To understand Frank Zane and his mental capacities, you have to know that he was a math and chemistry teacher and has a master’s degree in psychology.  That makes him a long way from the “dumb muscle head” stereotype that many consider […]

Who will be “King of New York 2021?

By John Hansen & Shawn Ray   New York Pro History: The 2021 IFBB New York Pro will be held on May 15, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. This will be the 17th consecutive New York Pro which replaced the iconic Night of the Champions competition in 2005. Over the years, many of bodybuilding’s greatest stars have competed […]

The Business of Bodybuilding

By Shawn Ray Winning bodybuilding shows while exciting and satisfying, is only the beginning of the journey and not the end. The top bodybuilders in the world recognize the reward isn’t just a victory but creating “opportunities.” History has shown that longevity has its rewards in comparison to the glorious but short term emotions that […]

Remember the Time.

By Shawn Ray As the 2021 Bodybuilding Season gets underway and we all focus on getting back on stage, in the gym and focused on our careers, I thought we might like to “Pause” to remember these athletes that helped pave the way and inspired us along our journeys to be our very best. Looking […]

The Best of Canada- My Journey into the Fitness Hall of Fame

By Mindi O’Brien Being at the top of your game, and staying there for years, requires incredible determination, hard work, and notably, sacrifice. What are you willing to give up to get to the top – and stay there? For many, it becomes their career. Being a woman in a predominately male dominated industry, being […]

A cautionary tale of going too far.

By Shawn Ray How far is too far when you’re in pursuit of greatness? All too often we hear the stories of Triumph over Failure and to the Victor goes the spoils but what happens to those who indulge in excess and no success? The Edge for some is a lot further out than most […]

2020 Mr. Olympia Replay‼️

By Shawn Ray If you missed last years 56th Mr. Olympia Pay Per View, you can watch the Replay Now‼️ Witness the biggest event of the year that almost DIDN’T HAPPEN but can now be seen in it’s entirety right here, right now! Click on Link below: Witness all the Olympians competing, as well […]

The 90’s Bodybuilder Mentality

By Shawn Ray Thirty-One years ago the world of professional bodybuilding was coming into their first ever Drug-Tested Mr. Olympia contest in the Windy City of Chicago as 6X returning champion, Lee Haney was closing in on his record tying seventh Olympia Title which he would go onto win and share with legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger […]

Uncrowned Lightweight Mr. Olympia Champions

An Opinion Piece by Bill Dobbins Founding Editor, Flex Magazine Amateur bodybuilding competition features weight divisions.  And the use of weight classes is common in sports in which body size confers distinct advantages.  In boxing, the difference between one class of fighters and another can be only a relatively few pounds.  The same is true of weightlifting.  At the elite level, the bigger weightlifters […]

2X Ms. Bikini Olympia, Angélica Teixeira “The Ultimate Fighter”

By Shawn Ray The heart of a Warrior beats in the chest of its champions just a little bit louder and just a little bit faster when suddenly the realization of it all being taken away in an instant. Ms. International & multi-Olympia Champion, Angélica experienced the worst of possibilities in her pursuit of re-claiming […]

Chasing “The Sandow” 2021

By Shawn Ray   In the aftermath of the 56th Joe Weider Mr. Olympia Weekend held in Orlando, Florida where we witnessed the unanimous victory by “The People’s Champion” and ultimately the 16th Mr. Olympia Winner, Big Ramy the athletes turn their focus toward 2021 bodybuilding season and 57th Mr. Olympia Contest along with all […]

2021- Farewell to 2020 Iron Angels!

By Shawn Ray The year 2020 was long, brutal, unforgiving and sad in many ways however, it left the bodybuilding community with thoughts and memories of athletes and influencers whom left their mark on the sport in the time they were here. While a long life is not promised to anyone of us, quality and […]

The New Queen!

By Hans Klein Andrea Shaw is the new undisputed queen of women’s bodybuilding. On the 5th of December she won the Rising Phoenix in Arizona, surpassing defending champion HelleTrevino. Two weeks later – on her 37th birthday – she won the Ms. Olympia. After winning the IFBB Pro League’s Omaha Pro earlier in the year, Andrea seemed to get sharper from show […]

Big Ramy Wins the 2020 Mr. Olympia!!!

By Shawn Ray The 56th Joe Weider Mr. Olympia Weekend got off to an awesome start with the Press Conference that saw only a couple or a few representatives from each division so as to allow thorough answers and enough time for each category to be presented. The highlight of the Press Conference was a […]

2020 Mr. Olympia Contest Returns!

By Shawn Ray This December 17-20th at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida will play host to the Joe Weider Mr. Olympia Weekend for the first time in 56 years! In 1965, Joe Weider and his brother Ben promoted the first Mr. Olympia Contest that featured the worlds best built men and eventual Two-Time […]

2020 Rising Phoenix Pro Returns!

By Shawn Ray This weekend the Rising Phoenix Women’s World Championships return to the desert Sun in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Talking Stick Resort & Casino for its 6th Year! The line up this year is an amazing collection of the best build women in the world showcasing the Women’s Bodybuilding Line-up that includes the […]

Mr. Olympia 2020 has a new Home in Orlando, Florida!

By Shawn Ray CEO of the JW Mr. Olympia Weekend, Jake Wood has made the unprecedented move of relocating this years Mr. Olympia Contest from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida December 17-20th at the Orange County Convention Center due to CoVid19 restrictions regarding the former venue at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Contest promoter, […]

Digital Muscle Media- The Sandow 1998

By Shawn Ray New York City, home of the most prestigious contest in bodybuilding back in 1998, The Mr. Olympia would play out with sixteen of the worlds best built men on the hunt for The Sandow! The Madison Square Garden played host the the Mr. Olympia contest which had returned to the city where […]

Digital Muscle Media- Peter McGough

By Shawn Ray On behalf of the entire Bodybuilding Community, we’d like everyone to keep one of our sports Crown Jewels, Peter McGough in Prayer as he continues his fight against Cancer. Peter has batting for nearly 7 years now and we want to remind everyone especially during the month of October which represents Cancer […]

Monday Night Muscle: Adela Garcia 8X Ms. Fitness Olympia ok

By Shawn Ray Today on Monday Night Muscle, Adela Garcia joins in to discuss retirement, comeback and victory as she attempts to capture a record 9 Ms. Fitness Olympia Titles after a 6 year layoff! Adela, who resides in the great state of Texas, walked away from competition to pursue contest promotions and the art […]

Digital Muscle Media- Hidetada Yamagishi Exclusive

By Shawn Ray Every once in awhile as fans we get the opportunity to witness History! The arrival of 212 Olympia Challenger, Hidetada a decade ago from Japan has been nothing short of amazing! Hide has worked his way into the sport of professional bodybuilding the old fashioned way, hard work. Having been a sponsored […]

Where are They Now: Dennis Wolf

By Shawn Ray The Big Bad Wolf out of a small town in Germany recently sat down with me at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas to recall his life and times as a Pro Bodybuilder. Dennis had a very promising career and was working on becoming the next Mr. Olympia when suddenly a […]

Monday Night Muscle- 4X Ms. Fitness Olympia, Oksana Grishina

By Shawn Ray Today’s episode of Monday Night Muscle, we play host to arguably the worlds greatest Ms. Fitness Olympia ever in the form of Russian Born, Oksana Grishina as she announces her return to competition from a 3 year retirement! Show hosts, Bob Chick and I are left stammering while trying to cross wits […]

Where are They Now: Chris Cormier

By Shawn Ray The Real Deal, Chris Cormier has been involved with bodybuilding since 1983 and is still going strong! From Palm Springs, California. Broderick, as Chris is commonly known as back home, has come along way since his teenage wrestling and football years in the dessert. Chris has now become a leading authority on […]

Digital Muscle Media- Special Mr. Olympia Announcement!

By Dan Solomon OLYMPIA WEEKEND KEEPS GETTING BETTER! Organizers Complete Plan to Host All Events Inside Planet Hollywood Resort The final phase of a major overhaul of the fitness industry’s most prestigious event has been completed. For the first time in 15 years, all the excitement of Olympia Weekend will be held inside the host hotel, thanks to the new Olympia Fan Pavilion planned at the Planet Hollywood Resort as a […]

Monday Night Muscle- The Guru Factor

By Shawn Ray On today’s episode of MNM, Bob & Shawn discuss the Pros & Cons of having a Trainer/ Coach for contest prep. Both agree that “Less is More” when it comes to doing the work however, the sport has produced some great champions that enlisted Gurus to further their careers! There are differences […]

Monday Night Muscle with 212 Contender, Keone Pearson!

By Shawn Ray 25 year old, Keone Pearson is looking to shake up the 56th Joe Weider Olympia Weekend this December 17-20th in Las Vegas, Nevada by moving into the 212lb Olympia Showdown to formally challenge the title currently held by 48 years old, Kamal ElGarni from England. This former Pro Classic Physique Artist has […]