2021 Mr. Olympia in REVIEW

By John Hansen & Shawn Ray 2021 Olympia Report The 57th Annual Mr. Olympia contest took place from October 7th-10th, 2021 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The extravaganza featured 11 professional events this year including the Mr. Olympia contest, the Ms. Olympia contest, the Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, Women’s Physique Olympia, […]

Diuretics=Death & Destruction

By Shawn Ray Diuretics are a known danger to the sport of Bodybuilding in fact they watered down the danger of this drug by commonly referring to them as “Water Pills” typically used to rid the body of temporary water retention in order to “make weight” lose weight, thin the skin and help bodybuilders appear […]

The return of Rising Phoenix!

By Shawn Ray The desert of Arizona is the home for one the pro women’s elite events of the year, “The Rising Phoenix!” Contest promoter, Jake Wood first began producing this All Female Weekend back in 2015 with event producer, Tim Gardner. In the absence of the Ms. Olympia competition taking place annually, the Rising […]

2021 Tampa Pro Report in Review

2021 Tampa Pro Report by John Hansen The 14th Annual Tampa Pro Championships took place on Friday, August 6th and Saturday, August 7th, 2021 at the beautiful Grand Hyatt hotel in Tampa, Florida. The Tim Gardner promoted competition is one of the biggest events of the year on the IFBB calendar as it features every […]

2021 Tampa Pro History

Tampa Pro History by John Hansen In 2008, Tampa, Florida promoter Tim Gardner started promoting the IFBB Tampa Pro Championships. Always held in August in Tampa, the IFBB Tampa Pro has gained the distinction of being one of the last professional competitions to be held before the Mr. Olympia each year. As a result, the […]

The Labrada Affect

By Shawn Ray The Mr. Olympia contest began in 1965 where the world was introduced to its first champion in the form of Larry Scott who would go onto win the 66′ title as well. It’s been 57 years since that happened and only 15 world champions have since held the title of Mr. Olympia. […]

Shawn Ray New Global Ambassador for Mutant Nation

By John Hansen   -Shawn Ray signs with Mutant Nation- Hall of Fame Bodybuilder Shawn Ray has officially signed with Mutant Nation. In a press release on July 20th, 2021, the supplement company, CEO Jim McMahon announced their new partnership with Shawn “with the mission of sharing his wisdom, techniques, motivation and nutrition tips that […]

57th Mr. Olympia Orlando, Florida

by Shawn Ray As we approach the Joe Weider Mr. Olympia Weekend in Orlando, Florida I think it’s important to know what’s going on and when before arriving at the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding! For over 56 years we’ve witnessed only 16 different champions lay claim to the coveted Sandow Trophy, this years contest will […]

The Shape of Things to Come……

By Shawn Ray Every so often history has a way of repositioning itself in order to make way for a new generation of future superstars of sport! In professional bodybuilding one need look no further than the infamous “Posedowns” to see the ever changing landscape of the Past as it meets the Present. In some […]

Lee Haney “The G.O.A.T”

By Shawn Ray In 1991, the world of Professional Bodybuilding witnessed history in the making while bringing an end to what many considered the greatest Mr. Olympia Champion of all-time in the form of Lee Haney! Lee Haney was born November 11, 1959 and had aspirations to play professional football while growing up in South […]

Arnold vs Lou

By John Hansen   One of the greatest rivalries in the history of bodybuilding was between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. It was the battle between the cocky king of bodybuilding and the insecure underdog and it was captured on film in the cult classic movie “Pumping Iron” in 1977.    It was because of […]

The New King of New York, Nick Walker

By John Hansen Men’s Bodybuilding: In a dominant victory, 26 year old Nick Walker won the prestigious New York Pro Championships on May 15th, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. Competing in only his second pro show, Walker battled pre-contest favorite Justin Rodriguez for first place in a heated showdown. Rodriguez, coming off a win at the […]

The Thinking Man’s Bodybuilder

FRANK ZANE: The Thinking Man’s Bodybuilder By Text and Photos by Bill DobbinsFounding Editor, Flex Magazine To understand Frank Zane and his mental capacities, you have to know that he was a math and chemistry teacher and has a master’s degree in psychology.  That makes him a long way from the “dumb muscle head” stereotype that many consider […]

Who will be “King of New York 2021?

By John Hansen & Shawn Ray   New York Pro History: The 2021 IFBB New York Pro will be held on May 15, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. This will be the 17th consecutive New York Pro which replaced the iconic Night of the Champions competition in 2005. Over the years, many of bodybuilding’s greatest stars have competed […]

The Business of Bodybuilding

By Shawn Ray Winning bodybuilding shows while exciting and satisfying, is only the beginning of the journey and not the end. The top bodybuilders in the world recognize the reward isn’t just a victory but creating “opportunities.” History has shown that longevity has its rewards in comparison to the glorious but short term emotions that […]

Remember the Time.

By Shawn Ray As the 2021 Bodybuilding Season gets underway and we all focus on getting back on stage, in the gym and focused on our careers, I thought we might like to “Pause” to remember these athletes that helped pave the way and inspired us along our journeys to be our very best. Looking […]

The Best of Canada- My Journey into the Fitness Hall of Fame

By Mindi O’Brien Being at the top of your game, and staying there for years, requires incredible determination, hard work, and notably, sacrifice. What are you willing to give up to get to the top – and stay there? For many, it becomes their career. Being a woman in a predominately male dominated industry, being […]

A cautionary tale of going too far.

By Shawn Ray How far is too far when you’re in pursuit of greatness? All too often we hear the stories of Triumph over Failure and to the Victor goes the spoils but what happens to those who indulge in excess and no success? The Edge for some is a lot further out than most […]

2020 Mr. Olympia Replay‼️

By Shawn Ray If you missed last years 56th Mr. Olympia Pay Per View, you can watch the Replay Now‼️ Witness the biggest event of the year that almost DIDN’T HAPPEN but can now be seen in it’s entirety right here, right now! Click on Link below: https://mrolympia.com/?fbclid=IwAR0aXT9qSFKCZRkQEGvDBB4aPnDOchj4RMpvNMLZxGWTkw13eLAp_DE0zvg Witness all the Olympians competing, as well […]

The 90’s Bodybuilder Mentality

By Shawn Ray Thirty-One years ago the world of professional bodybuilding was coming into their first ever Drug-Tested Mr. Olympia contest in the Windy City of Chicago as 6X returning champion, Lee Haney was closing in on his record tying seventh Olympia Title which he would go onto win and share with legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger […]

Uncrowned Lightweight Mr. Olympia Champions

An Opinion Piece by Bill Dobbins Founding Editor, Flex Magazine Amateur bodybuilding competition features weight divisions.  And the use of weight classes is common in sports in which body size confers distinct advantages.  In boxing, the difference between one class of fighters and another can be only a relatively few pounds.  The same is true of weightlifting.  At the elite level, the bigger weightlifters […]

2X Ms. Bikini Olympia, Angélica Teixeira “The Ultimate Fighter”

By Shawn Ray The heart of a Warrior beats in the chest of its champions just a little bit louder and just a little bit faster when suddenly the realization of it all being taken away in an instant. Ms. International & multi-Olympia Champion, Angélica experienced the worst of possibilities in her pursuit of re-claiming […]

Chasing “The Sandow” 2021

By Shawn Ray   In the aftermath of the 56th Joe Weider Mr. Olympia Weekend held in Orlando, Florida where we witnessed the unanimous victory by “The People’s Champion” and ultimately the 16th Mr. Olympia Winner, Big Ramy the athletes turn their focus toward 2021 bodybuilding season and 57th Mr. Olympia Contest along with all […]

2021- Farewell to 2020 Iron Angels!

By Shawn Ray The year 2020 was long, brutal, unforgiving and sad in many ways however, it left the bodybuilding community with thoughts and memories of athletes and influencers whom left their mark on the sport in the time they were here. While a long life is not promised to anyone of us, quality and […]

The New Queen!

By Hans Klein Andrea Shaw is the new undisputed queen of women’s bodybuilding. On the 5th of December she won the Rising Phoenix in Arizona, surpassing defending champion HelleTrevino. Two weeks later – on her 37th birthday – she won the Ms. Olympia. After winning the IFBB Pro League’s Omaha Pro earlier in the year, Andrea seemed to get sharper from show […]

Big Ramy Wins the 2020 Mr. Olympia!!!

By Shawn Ray The 56th Joe Weider Mr. Olympia Weekend got off to an awesome start with the Press Conference that saw only a couple or a few representatives from each division so as to allow thorough answers and enough time for each category to be presented. The highlight of the Press Conference was a […]

2020 Mr. Olympia Contest Returns!

By Shawn Ray This December 17-20th at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida will play host to the Joe Weider Mr. Olympia Weekend for the first time in 56 years! In 1965, Joe Weider and his brother Ben promoted the first Mr. Olympia Contest that featured the worlds best built men and eventual Two-Time […]

2020 Rising Phoenix Pro Returns!

By Shawn Ray This weekend the Rising Phoenix Women’s World Championships return to the desert Sun in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Talking Stick Resort & Casino for its 6th Year! The line up this year is an amazing collection of the best build women in the world showcasing the Women’s Bodybuilding Line-up that includes the […]

Mr. Olympia 2020 has a new Home in Orlando, Florida!

By Shawn Ray CEO of the JW Mr. Olympia Weekend, Jake Wood has made the unprecedented move of relocating this years Mr. Olympia Contest from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida December 17-20th at the Orange County Convention Center due to CoVid19 restrictions regarding the former venue at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Contest promoter, […]

Digital Muscle Media- The Sandow 1998

By Shawn Ray New York City, home of the most prestigious contest in bodybuilding back in 1998, The Mr. Olympia would play out with sixteen of the worlds best built men on the hunt for The Sandow! The Madison Square Garden played host the the Mr. Olympia contest which had returned to the city where […]

Digital Muscle Media- Peter McGough

By Shawn Ray On behalf of the entire Bodybuilding Community, we’d like everyone to keep one of our sports Crown Jewels, Peter McGough in Prayer as he continues his fight against Cancer. Peter has batting for nearly 7 years now and we want to remind everyone especially during the month of October which represents Cancer […]

Monday Night Muscle: Adela Garcia 8X Ms. Fitness Olympia ok

By Shawn Ray Today on Monday Night Muscle, Adela Garcia joins in to discuss retirement, comeback and victory as she attempts to capture a record 9 Ms. Fitness Olympia Titles after a 6 year layoff! Adela, who resides in the great state of Texas, walked away from competition to pursue contest promotions and the art […]

Digital Muscle Media- Hidetada Yamagishi Exclusive

By Shawn Ray Every once in awhile as fans we get the opportunity to witness History! The arrival of 212 Olympia Challenger, Hidetada a decade ago from Japan has been nothing short of amazing! Hide has worked his way into the sport of professional bodybuilding the old fashioned way, hard work. Having been a sponsored […]

Where are They Now: Dennis Wolf

By Shawn Ray The Big Bad Wolf out of a small town in Germany recently sat down with me at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas to recall his life and times as a Pro Bodybuilder. Dennis had a very promising career and was working on becoming the next Mr. Olympia when suddenly a […]

Monday Night Muscle- 4X Ms. Fitness Olympia, Oksana Grishina

By Shawn Ray Today’s episode of Monday Night Muscle, we play host to arguably the worlds greatest Ms. Fitness Olympia ever in the form of Russian Born, Oksana Grishina as she announces her return to competition from a 3 year retirement! Show hosts, Bob Chick and I are left stammering while trying to cross wits […]

Where are They Now: Chris Cormier

By Shawn Ray The Real Deal, Chris Cormier has been involved with bodybuilding since 1983 and is still going strong! From Palm Springs, California. Broderick, as Chris is commonly known as back home, has come along way since his teenage wrestling and football years in the dessert. Chris has now become a leading authority on […]

Digital Muscle Media- Special Mr. Olympia Announcement!

By Dan Solomon OLYMPIA WEEKEND KEEPS GETTING BETTER! Organizers Complete Plan to Host All Events Inside Planet Hollywood Resort The final phase of a major overhaul of the fitness industry’s most prestigious event has been completed. For the first time in 15 years, all the excitement of Olympia Weekend will be held inside the host hotel, thanks to the new Olympia Fan Pavilion planned at the Planet Hollywood Resort as a […]

Monday Night Muscle- The Guru Factor

By Shawn Ray On today’s episode of MNM, Bob & Shawn discuss the Pros & Cons of having a Trainer/ Coach for contest prep. Both agree that “Less is More” when it comes to doing the work however, the sport has produced some great champions that enlisted Gurus to further their careers! There are differences […]

Monday Night Muscle with 212 Contender, Keone Pearson!

By Shawn Ray 25 year old, Keone Pearson is looking to shake up the 56th Joe Weider Olympia Weekend this December 17-20th in Las Vegas, Nevada by moving into the 212lb Olympia Showdown to formally challenge the title currently held by 48 years old, Kamal ElGarni from England. This former Pro Classic Physique Artist has […]

Monday Night Muscle: 7X 212 Olympia Winner, James “Flex” Lewis Returns!

By Shawn Ray Today on Monday Night Muscle, Bob Chick sits down with the Welsh Sensation, Flex Lewis to discuss his return to the Olympia Weekend in search of making History by becoming the first 2 Division Olympia Champion ever as he moves up from 212lb Bodybuilding class where he won 7 consecutive Olympia Titles […]

Monday Night Muscle- Most Controversial Mr. Olympia’s

By Shawn Ray On today’s episode of Digital Muscle Media’s, Monday Night Muscle Bob & I discuss some of the more controversial decisions of the premier contest of the year in our sports history! In a sport of “Opinion” there can be only One Winner however, the Fans are the ones who’s opinions scream the […]

Monday Night Muscle with Josh Barnett- Metroflex Gym Owner

By Shawn Ray On today’s episode of MNM, Phoenix, Arizona Metroflex Gym Owner, Josh Barnett joins Bob & I to discuss gym survival during CoVid19 and the Legal issues gym owners are facing with PPE protocols while trying to keep gym doors open for business. Josh explains the Legalities he’s faced with regarding gym closures, […]

Back to School 2020/2021

By Nancy Noreman Time to go Back To School in 2020 or Teach from Home? Advice for The P.I.C. (Person In Charge) This year so far, 2020 has given the word “NEW” a much broader definition than ever before. We are entering unprecedented times that challenge us as parents. Not only are we struggling to keep […]

Monday Night Muscle with Ms. Fitness Olympia, Whitney Jones

By Shawn Ray 2X Ms. Fitness Olympia Champion, Whitney Jones visits the Olympia Head Quarters in preparation to defend her championship title this December 17-20th at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas! Whitney shares her journey ripe which is with Trials and Tribulations from battling injuries, balancing business, motherhood and competitions at the same time she coveys […]

Monday Night Muscle Special Guest: Jake Wood

By Shawn Ray Today’s Special Guest, Jake Wood is no stranger to the bodybuilding world, he’s been in the gym since the mid 70’s working out in and around industry greats like Vince Gironda, Don Peters, Rich Gaspari and more following his years of playing football. Co-Host OG Monday Niggt Muscle, Bob Cicherillo sits down […]

Monday Night Muscle features The Return of 10X Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle!

By Shawn Ray It’s been 6 long years since the Queen of Professional Bodybuilding last won her record 10th Ms. Olympia Title in Las Vegas. On this episode of Monday Night Muscle, Iris Kyle shares with hosts Shawn and Bob exactly what she’s been up to in the absence of the Ms. Olympia contest which […]

The Gift, Phil Heath Returns Home!

By Shawn Ray 7X Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath has officially announced his return to the Mr. Olympia stage seeking a record tying 8th Sandow Trophy and join Hall of Fame Greats, Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman this December in Las Vegas as the Greatest Mr. Olympia Winners ever! Phil began his Pro Career by winning […]

Monday Night Muscle: The Original Classic Physique Olympia

By Shawn Ray IFBB Pro League Classic Physique Olympia Champion, Danny Hester was the first athlete to win the coveted title in Las Vegas back in 2016. Danny, an old school throwback to Golds Gym Venice in the early 90’s started out as an all around athlete Boxing, Breakdancing, Bodybuilding and eventually Classic Bodybuilding all […]

MNM- “The Best that Never Were”

By Shawn Ray Episode 3 of Monday Night Muscle details some of the best amateurs that never turned Pro. Bob and I discussed a few athletes of yesterday’s past who by today’s standards would be Pros today. However, back in the day the field was so deep, so talented that these guys were left wanting […]

Monday Night Muscle #2: Hot Topic- Race & Racism

By Shawn Ray Monday Night Muscle Hosts, Shawn Ray & Bob Cicherillo share a passion and history in the sport of bodybuilding that has stood the test of time. We competed as Teenagers as far back as 1984 & 85′ at the NPC Teen National Championships in Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, GA. and again later […]

All New: Monday Night Muscle TV!

By Shawn Ray The All New “Monday Night Muscle” Bodybuilding & Fitness Show created by founder, Jake Wood is the latest in a string of media outlets designed to educate and inform the bodybuilding and fitness industry with the most current breaking News Items along with Personality Profiles, History, Training Tips, Contest Prep, Results, Diet, […]

NYC IFBB Fitness/Figure Pro Recovers from COVID-19 and Mourns a Family Member

by Maria Allegro Marie has been competing for almost 25 years as an IFBB Pro League Fitness, Figure and Physique competitor. She earned her IFBB Pro Card in 1996 at the Team Universe and is now currently a group fitness manager for Plus One at one of their Fortune 500 clients in NYC and has a successful business, Stage Ready by Marie (coaching fitness/figure/bikini competitors).  She is well-known in the […]

Who needs TV?

by Christian Duque Who remembers when bodybuilding was on television, when you could see it on ESPN, Fox Sports Net, or when there was talk of NBC Television covering the 2014 Mr. Olympia? Bodybuilding is a sport that’s well aware of it’s cult-like existence, but which has always had mainstream aspirations. This isn’t a sport […]

Mind Set with Mindi O’Brien

  By MINDI O. “Clutch”, “In The Zone”… you hear announcers make that statement across a bevy of sports, but what is that magic formula that puts the elite athlete into “The Zone”?  I have always been incredibly passionate as an athlete, striving to improve day after day, competition after competition, trying to find that […]

Olympia Weekend Announces New Venue, New Date!!

by Shawn Ray This years marks a new chapter in the 56 year history of Bodybuilding’s Super Bowl Event of the year. On December 16th the Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend moves to its new home on the Las Vegas Strip at Planet Hollywood, home to the Zappos Theater, where once again History will be made! […]

The Evolving Sport of Bikini

By Camen Haenggi The Sport of Bikini is evolving continuously from the arrival on scene as an amateur making an entrance in the sport all the way to the professional field of competitive athletes that compete the whole year round. Introduction to the physique of our Ms. Bikini Olympia winners have changed almost every single […]

Rest In Peace, Joanna Thomas

by Shawn Ray It’s with a heavy heart that I report the news heard earlier this morning from my colleague in the Bodybuilding Community, Dave Palumbo that former Pro Bodybuilder, Joanna Thomas has passed away in her home country of England. She was the second of three children. Her father is painter and decorator and her […]

Kai Greene: Memories of a Champion

by Shawn Ray It’s been since the year 2016 that I last witnessed Kai Greene in the Victory pose at the Arnold Classic in Brazil. Kai was poised to be the heir apparent to the Mr. Olympia Title when suddenly he was a ghost? The meteoric rise to Mt. Olympus gave the hardcore Muscle fans […]


By Lenda Murray 8 x Ms Olympia As you know we are in the grips of an unprecedented global health crisis that will affect each of us in a multitude of ways! With the spread of the Corona virus as well as the heightened levels of fear, anxiety and stress that are byproducts of the virus we need […]

Chris Dickerson Spotlight

by Shawn Ray The first ever Black Mr. America, Chris Dickerson stood barely 5’6 and weighed less than 200lbs. Chris would go on to compete in four different decades from the 60’s into the 90’s while racking up victories like Mr. America, Mr. Universe and ultimately Winning the Mr. Olympia in 1982 as the oldest […]

Robby Robinson Spotlight

By Shawn Ray Legendary Hall of Fame Bodybuilder and 8X Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney pays his respect to his inspiration growing up as a kid, The Black Prince, Robby Robinson. Lee had the opportunity to introduce his Idol onstage to the fans in 2011 at the Return of the Legends Pro Championships in Miami, Florida […]

Where are They Now- Mia Finnegan

By Shawn Ray Mia Finnegan won numerous Fitness Titles prior to becoming the worlds best in 1995 by way of victory at the first ever Ms. Fitness Olympia Contest in Atlanta, Ga. Mia would go on to become a Personal Trainer, Product Endorser, Mother and Mentor to many would be athletes upon her retirement from […]

Where are They Now: Lenda Murray

by Shawn Ray This native of Michigan began her career in Bodybuilding by earning her Pro Card after winning the 1989 North American Championship following a successful professional Cheerleading and Track & Field background. Lenda would go on to win a record 8 Ms. Olympia Titles and later become a successful contest Promoter/ Ambassador for […]

Where are They Now: Gunter Schlierkamp

By Shawn Ray The German Giant, Gunter Schlierkamp from Germany rose to prominence around 2002 at the Mr. Olympia after trying to break into the big leagues since 1994. Coming from the back of the pack, this former amateur Mr. Universe clawed his way from out of the top 10 in the Mr. Olympia line-up […]

Arnold Classic 32 in Review!

By Shawn Ray   Arnold Sports Festival Winners in Review: Pro Bikini, Elisa Pecini Pro Figure, Natalia Soltero Pro Women’s Physique, Natalia Coehlo Pro Fitness, Missy Truscott Pro Men Classic Physique, Alex Cambronero Pro Wheelchair, Harold Kelly Pro Stronman, Hafthor Bjornsson Watch the All New Digital Muscle Media Report for the 2020 ASC 32 on […]

William Bonac Wins 2020 Arnold Classic

By Shawn Ray The 32nd Arnold Classic Winner, William Bonac continued his impressive string of consistent professional showings by recapturing his second Arnold Classic Ohio Title since 2018 holding off the 5X ASC Record Holding Champion, 50 year old Dexter “The Blade” Jackson for the Win! William had just the right amount of conditioning with […]

Arnold Classic Ohio News!

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Amid fears about the spreading coronavirus, spectators will not be allowed at most events at the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival, the massive annual strongman and fitness expo scheduled to be held in Columbus later this week.The 22,000-plus athletes participating in this year’s festival, also known as the Arnold, will still be allowed to compete […]

FIBO Cologne postponed to second half of the year 2020!

by Shawn Ray FIBO, the world’s largest trade show for fitness, wellness and health, planned to be held in April in Cologne, has been postponed to the second half of the year 2020 due to the developments concerning Covid-19. Commenting on the announcement, Silke Frank, Portfolio Director, FIBO Global Fitness Events, said: “This is not […]

Where are They Now- J.J. Marsh

1986 NPC Mixed Pairs USA Winner, J.J. Marsh speaks about his life and times as a professional bodybuilder. J.J. won the 1988 Houston Pro then the 2nd Annual Pro Ironman contests in Redondo Beach,, California to solidify his career and serve notice of his arrival among the worlds best built men. Later, J.J. would go […]

Dexter Jackson Retirement Tour 2020!

By Shawn Ray The hugely successful career and the most consistent bodybuilder of all-time, Dexter Jackson is coming to a close in 2020. Dexter, the former Bantam Weight competitor, eventually would go on to earn his Pro Card by way of winning the 1998 North American Championships and enter his first of 19 Mr. Olympia […]

American Media, LLC Announces Sale of Mr. Olympia and Muscle & Fitness

Digital Muscle Media News- NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In a landmark deal, American Media, LLC today announced it has reached an agreement on the sale of the iconic Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend as well as the Muscle & Fitness, FLEX and M&F Hers media brands.  The prestigious Olympia Weekend, held annually in Las Vegas, is home to one of the global […]

Where are They Now 2020?

 By Shawn Ray This year Digital Muscle Media will be researching and digging through the archives of yesterday’s past champions to help educate today’s athletes and future stars in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness of the way things were. In 2020 we will meet and interview old-school standouts like; Tonya Knight, Chris Duffy, Shane […]

The 2020 Comeback Interview with Johnnie O. Jackson

By Shawn Ray Former Mr. USA, Johnnie O. Jackson took 2 years off after winning the 2018 Arnold Classic South Africa is now a mere six weeks out from competing in the Arnold Classic Ohio! Johnnie, a notorious Powerlifting champion and widely considered strongest pro bodybuilder since Ronnie Coleman, states he feels stronger now than […]

Shaquille O’Neil named 2020 Mr. Olympia Honorary Ambassador

Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend has selected Shaquille O’Neal as its Honorary Ambassador for the 2020 event.  Widely regarded as one of the world’s most recognizable athletes, the selection of the Hall of Famer and 4-time NBA champion is part of the Olympia’s ongoing initiative to reach new audiences, while inspiring men and women across all […]

Exclusive Interview with 1983 Mr. Olympia, Samir Bannout

By Shawn Ray The Lion of Lebanon, Samir Bannout shares his personal thoughts about the upcoming 2020 Mr. Olympia Contest as well as the state of affairs regarding Judging. At just 19 years of age, Samir moved to Michigan from Lebanon in order to pursue his dream of becoming the worlds best built man. In […]

Arnold Classics 2020

By Shawn Ray Arnold Schwarzenegger begins the new decade of 2020 in his backyard of Santa Monica, California with some help from a few of the worlds Strongest Men at the 2nd Annual Arnold Strongman Competition Saturday, January 18th on the Santa Monica Pier!  This is Star Studded event brought people together last year in […]

Digital Muscle: Bodybuilder of the Decade – Phil Heath

By Shawn Ray Since 2010 Phil Heath’s name has been synonymous with Mr. Olympia until 2019 when he finally took a year off to fully recover from back to back surgeries on his abdomen.  Phil’s first Mr. Olympia attempt in 2009 landed him in 5th place, not a bad place to be considering he held […]

The Upset of the Year- Chris Bumstead!

The 2019 Mr. Olympia Weekend was full of surprises, celebrity appearances and fond memories however, one notable event brought The Upset of the Year, Canada’s Classic Physique Winner, Chris Bumstead who defeated Two-Time Defending Champion, Breon Ansley for the win!

Female Bodybuilder of the Year!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a Rock in 2019, it would be hard not to have noticed the resurgence of Women’s Bodybuilding on the landscape of the sport! Wings of Strength and it’s CEO, Jake Wood along with  his relentless Team & Staff, have single handily thrust Women‘s Bodybuilding  back to the front of the line […]

Digital Muscle Media- 2019 Notables of the Year!

How can we discuss 2019 without noting what Libyan born, Kamal Elgarni accomplished? This 47 year old did the very thing many people thought impossible a few short year ago and that was to become the worlds Best Built 212lb Bodybuilder in the world! This past September in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada, history […]

Digital Muscle Media: 2019 Bodybuilder of the Year!

By Shawn Ray There’s one simple reason to chose Brandon Curry as  BODYBUILDER OF THE YEAR=  Winning! Simply put, Brandon has been a study of consistency when it comes to Improving over the years and Winning shows! 2008 NPC USA Championships, 1st 2011 IFBB Mr.Olympia, 8th 2012 IFBB Arnold Classic, 7th 2013 IFBB Arnold Classic […]

Digital Muscle Media: Top Stories of The Year!

By Shawn Ray 10- Where’s Phil Heath? Following 9 consecutive Mr. Olympia appearances that included a run of 7 consecutive victories tying Arnold Schwarzenegger and joining Ronnie Coleman along with Lee Haney as the only four men in the history to lay claim to the title that many times, Phil took a deliberate step off the […]

Digital Muscle Media- Open Men’s Bodybuilding Year in Review

By Shawn Ray Looking back over the year that was 2019, we saw some new faces, comebacks, global expansion and more Pro Cards than ever!Kicking off this past year we all took notice of the arrival of Brandon Curry by winning the 31st, Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio adding that victory to his other two […]

Sharing “The Mind” of guru, Milos Sarcev

by Shawn Ray Milos Sarcev was a very successful professional bodybuilder competing in the early 90’s to mid 2000’s and a gym owner of Kolossium Gym in Fullerton, California from the mid 90’s to around 2004 before the doors closed for good and he moved on to venture into personal training full time. Milos is […]

Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry supports the kids!

November 26, 2019 Mr. Olympia, Brandon Curry along with the wife, Brandy Leaver and kids visited and supported an event held for kids of all ages! No kids left the park without a Free a Toy! Brandon was extra chatty as he mentioned to the kids the importance of staying fit and focus on their […]

“The Real Deal” Chris Cormier Story.

Legendary bodybuilder Broderick Chris Cormier from Palm Springs, California burst into the scene as a Teenage Mr. California Champion in 1987 who would later win titles Mr. California & 1993 Mr. USA which in turn kicked off his Pro Career and world travels competing in a whopping 71 Pro Shows spanning from 1994 to 2006. […]

Jusup Wilkosz RIP

November 19, 2019 Digital Muscle News: Sad news reporting the passing of one of Germany’s Best Built Men, Jusup Wilkosz today. The news broke on social media platform Facebook via his sister Barbara, Arlette & Jochen & family. Jusup Wilkosz (born 1948 – deceased Nov 2019) was a German bodybuilder. He competed in weightlifting before turning to bodybuilding. In […]

Results: 2019 Japan Pro- Niagara Falls Pro

November 17, 2019- Pro Final Results Report: The IFBB Pro League featured two Pro Shows over the weekend in Niagara Falls, Canada and Shibuya, Japan. In Canada, event promoters, Mindi OBrien and Bob Cicherillo presented winners: Pro Bikini: Susana Aramayo Mens 212: Guy Cisternino Mens Classic Physique: Terrence Ruffin Congratulations to these two hardworking former […]

The Sandow – Bodybuilding’s Most Coveted Trophy 🏆

By Brian Bullman The Sandow trophy has been bodybuilding’s ultimate prize as long as I have been alive, and for some years before. We, as 21st Century bodybuilding fans, associate this coveted trophy with the Mr. Olympia contest, which has celebrated its 55th anniversary this year, but the Sandow’s history far exceeds that of the […]

Strong warning from Trainer, David Kalick to competing athletes

November 12, 2019 By David Kalick It was a bitter sweet weekend for Training Coach, David Kalick this past weekend in Long Beach, California as he endured the weekend with a sober and distant look in his eyes while bearing witness to veteran 212 Pro, David Henry win yet another 212 Pro Championship that he […]

IFBB Amateur Olympia & Japan Pro 11-15/16

By Hidetada Yamagishi November 15-16 the Asian Sensation, Hidetada Yamagishi returns to Shibuya, Japan adding to his 2nd year promotion of the Japan Pro a first ever, Olympia Qualifier and 18 Pro Cards up for grabs! Hidetada fresh off his victory in the 212 Korean Pro Championships just celebrated his 1 year Anniversary of Powerhouse […]

2019 Niagara Falls Pro/Am 11/15-16th Canada 🇨🇦

By Mindi O’Brien IFBB PRO LEAGUE- 2CHICKS PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS THE NIAGARA FALLS PRO/AM Mindi O’Brien (Canada’s top fitness personality) and Bob Cicherillo (The Voice of Bodybuilding) have partnered up to bring back the Niagara Falls Pro Show! The prestigious 2 day event will be held November 15-16th at the Scotiabank Convention Centre located in the heart of […]

Where are They Now: Tom Prince

November 10, 2019 By Tom Prince In 1997, Tom Prince was crowned NPC Overall National Champion to earn his Pro Card. By 2002 following his last contest appearance at the NY Night of Champions his career would end and a battle with failing Kidneys began. Today, Tom sits down to discuss his Life after Bodybuilding […]

2019 Ironman Games Pro Bikini Final Results

November 9, 2019 By Shawn Ray The first night of the Two Day IFBB Pro League weekend in Southern California is complete with Brazilian Winner, Etila Santiago for the Win! Fresh off her 8th place finish at the Ms. Olympia in Las Vegas this past September Etila simply displayed the “It Factor” and the judges […]

Legion Sports Fest- Long Beach, California

Promoter, Chris Minnes Saturday and Sunday November 9-10th the city of Long Beach comes alive! Contest promoter, Chris Minnes kicks things off on Saturday with a huge Expo and Sports Festival featuring: Pole Fitness, Max Reps to Win, Arm Wrestling, Powerlifting, Pro Seminars, Armored Combat, Kick Boxing, MMA and more!!!!! Saturday, November 9, 2019 10:00 […]

The Mind and The Muscle behind Romania Muscle Fest- Alina Popa

By Shawn Ray Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s hard not to notice what just took place in Bucharest, Romania over the weekend. A Sold Out venue over two consecutive days, a full Amateur & Pro Line-up, 7 IFBB Pro League Pro Card’s handed out and a select few Mr. Olympia 2020 Qualifying […]

Where are They Now: Dennis Newman

By Shawn Ray At the close of 1980’s, Dennis “In-Human” Newman would emerge from obscurity and blast into the homes of many Americans by way of ESPN’s, American Muscle TV! Dennis won the Teenage NPC USA’s and would later add titles, Mr. California and the eventuality Mr.USA in 1994! As quickly as his star began […]

Cedric McMillan Wins Romania Muscle Fest!

Top 3 Breakdown by Shawn Ray: November 4, 2018 After struggling at the Mr. Olympia in September having received the “Special Invitation” to compete, Big Cedric has continued his quest for improvement by hitting the IFBB Pro Circuit raking up victories in both Hungary and Romania! Cedric stated immediately following his win, “Hey man, I’m […]


Digital Muscle is pleased to present a LIVE webcast of the Wings of Strength Romania Musclefest, an IFBB Professional League Olympia Qualifier. SUNDAY LIVE STREAM SATURDAY LIVE STREAM (WATCH REPLAY) FRIDAY LIVE STREAM / ATHLETE CHECK-IN EVENT (WATCH REPLAY)  

Romania Muscle Fest November 1-3

Promoter, Tim Gardner NPC WORLDWIDE & IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE FINALS ROMANIA MUSCLE FEST PRO-AM FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1 •3:30pm LOCATION: WORLD TRADE CENTER / PULLMAN HOTEL @ NEW YORK ROOM Wings Of Strength IFBB Professional League ALL-STAR Seminar featuring !!!FREE ADMISSION!!! Brandon Curry Shawn Ray Lenda Murray  Alina Popa Yaxeni Oriquen  Sergi Constance. FACE CONVENTION CENTER – NPC […]